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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Shining Live!

It has finally happened! I have an English version of an Uta no Prince-sama game.

Granted, it's on my phone but I'm fine with that.

Shining Live! dropped in the Google Play store on January 23rd for download, and its your typical freemium with in game purchases. It's mainly a rhythm game, but you do have some story elements for unlocking new songs. You also get photos of the various idols that you level up as you play.

The better the photos level and skills the more points you get while playing each song.

My favorite parts of the game that I was pleasantly surprised with -

  • All of the music are songs from the series.
  • All of the respected voice actors are accounted for.
  • Best of all the game is actually challenging. I didn't get my first S score until well after midnight on my first day playing.

Some of the dialogue is a little stiff and drawn out, but it seems to be getting lighter as I progress through the story. The guys' personalities are coming out a bit more rather than just being overly professional. That being said there is not much of a story. That may change, but so far it's just playful banter between the guys as they work gigs.

So far I like the game. I've unlocked about eight songs and already have a couple high level cards. I actually had to force myself to stop playing so I could get lunch.

There's also a campaign mode that allows you to play other songs you may not have unlocked, for a limited time. Rarer songs will also pop up on this list from time to time.

The game does however ask you the hardest question of all.


It's not fair making me pick one. I like them all for different reasons. This really is a series full of characters you get attached to. I guess I should be happy that the third idol group HEAVENS isn't in this game too.

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