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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Hello Bishi?

Hello Kitty has always been a part of my life in one way or another. I was never a hardcore fan, but I do love Sanrio characters so very much.

Early on it was all about Hello Kitty and My Melody, and in my munchkin years when I enjoyed watching the Hello Kitty's Furry Tale theater cartoon on TV.

Then in middle school it was all about Keroppi and Pochacco. A friend reminded me of the adorable animals and several teen aimed fashion brands were using them on t-shirts.

When high school hit, I discovered my favorite yet in Badtz Maru.

I still love this bad boy penguin to death. His style just makes me smile.  I like Tuxedo Sam, the earlier penguin in the brand, but he's no Badtz, though he does have an adorable sailor hat.

After college, Chococat joined my list of beloved characters and most recently I find myself rather entertained by Aggretsuko, who is an office worker red panda that get's angry at work and goes into metal music rages.

She's so cute.

What I didn't know is that, three years ago, Sanrio created some characters for social media to help sell their products. Theses five human characters are Sanrio fans as well and got popular enough to spawn a manga, drama CDs, a phone game, and most recently an anime.

I heard about Sanrio Boys last summer, and honestly thought it was a joke.

I mean come on, pretty anime boys who love Sanrio characters?

It's not a joke.

It's a thing, and has been since 2015.

How did I miss this?

Seriously? How?

The anime began airing this month, and I'm already hooked.

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

You Will Not Live Forever

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. I AM Mr. 100, and it's going to take more than some high blood pressure and a possible heart attack to slow me down. I have lived through the deaths of my parents, exile from my family, and the most painful emotional breaks that have brought me to the edge of suicide.

I'm still standing here.



Impossible to knock down.

Don't let my bravado fool you. Sunday was one of the most frightening days of my life. I felt a pain unlike any I've ever experienced, and it echoed through my chest, back, jaw, and arms. It was so overwhelming that I could no longer convince myself that it was nothing, and I went to an Urgent Care office here in Cape Girardeau.

Until this point I was sure that it was just sore muscles. I haven't been able to lift much lately, but I'm a big guy, so it's probably just a nagging old injury. I had made the mistake of looking up the symptoms online, and anyone that has ever done the same will know the fear that follows. The internet is an awful place, filled with awful people, and very scary information when you're some simpleton trying to self diagnose. My hope was that Urgent Care could ease my mind and I could go home, rest, and get over this.

Instead, the doctor on staff did a great job convincing me that I was going to drop dead almost immediately.

Shining Live!

It has finally happened! I have an English version of an Uta no Prince-sama game.

Granted, it's on my phone but I'm fine with that.

Shining Live! dropped in the Google Play store on January 23rd for download, and its your typical freemium with in game purchases. It's mainly a rhythm game, but you do have some story elements for unlocking new songs. You also get photos of the various idols that you level up as you play.

The better the photos level and skills the more points you get while playing each song.

My favorite parts of the game that I was pleasantly surprised with -

  • All of the music are songs from the series.
  • All of the respected voice actors are accounted for.
  • Best of all the game is actually challenging. I didn't get my first S score until well after midnight on my first day playing.

Some of the dialogue is a little stiff and drawn out, but it seems to be getting lighter as I progress through the story. The guys' personalities are coming out a bit more rather than just being overly professional. That being said there is not much of a story. That may change, but so far it's just playful banter between the guys as they work gigs.

So far I like the game. I've unlocked about eight songs and already have a couple high level cards. I actually had to force myself to stop playing so I could get lunch.

There's also a campaign mode that allows you to play other songs you may not have unlocked, for a limited time. Rarer songs will also pop up on this list from time to time.

The game does however ask you the hardest question of all.


It's not fair making me pick one. I like them all for different reasons. This really is a series full of characters you get attached to. I guess I should be happy that the third idol group HEAVENS isn't in this game too.