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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

To a New Year and New Challenges

2017 was painfully long, yet over in the blink of an eye.

I got a promotion, moved to a new apartment and got a new car after I smashed the old one into the side of another vehicle.

But this is my column, and I'd rather side step the bad events and focus on the good.

I fell behind on the upkeep of my Etsy page, but locally my art thrived. I had two local shops house my work.

Gaming Grounds in Cape Girardeau, MO, hosted some of my Pokemon fan art, and the walls got a little touch of color with my trading card wall hangings. My adult coloring pages were a bigger hit over all, as I had to restock with new designs several times over the last few months.

Villainous Grounds in Perryville, MO, was another welcoming home for my work. The amazing owners of this coffee shop/comic book store are big supporters of local artists and authors. They have a consignment method of sorts, and it allows us creative types to put our work up for sale for a minimum charge. I personally have sold a half dozen or more drawings that probably wouldn't have sold otherwise outside of a convention setting. I can remove my work whenever I want and they only take a percentage if an item sells. It's a great system, and I am so lucky to have found them.

Going into 2018, I want to continue to further my creativity. I'm generally not one for resolutions but I have decided to set myself a few goals.

And, since you're still reading this, I hope you're interested in those goals too.
Long Term

Blogzilla 1985 Challenge

As many of you know this blog took a bit of a hit when Podzilla 1985 started.  Having come back to it, though, I realized I really missed writing. Even if it's just a top ten list here and there, I plan to make a blog post at least weekly. Expect a minimum of 52 posts from me this year.

SeanĂ¡n claims that he will match me, and I hope he does.

Drawing Challenge

I felt so accomplished after this past Inktober challenge. There was just something satisfying in saying "I'm gonna draw something every day this month," and then actually doing it. I created a ghost type Pokemon coloring page every day this past October and made a point to post it on Facebook to verify that I wasn't cheating.

I'd like to do this again for every day of this year, but I know I can't keep up that pace.

Key example: we're two days in and no new drawings. I did get around to scanning the art I finished up in December, but nothing new was put on paper.

I don't have a set challenge yet, but I'd like to do at least six full months of daily drawing challenges. February will be my first, and that will give me time to come up with a theme.

I'm open to suggestions by the way.

Short Term

Esty Relaunch

As I stated before, this past year I've dropped the ball on my Esty store. It's been in "vacation" mode since probably August. Between being busy with my job and a plain lack of motivation, I ignored it.

That needs to change.

I want to be able to sell what I create. In no way do I ever think it will be enough to be my main form of income, but if I can make some extra spending money from my passions it would be all the more worth it.

This will take several parts though. The most annoying thing will be photographing everything. I still want to increase my item stock in few areas as well.

So, Arceus willing, I'd like to relaunch Etsy by March. This will give me a little time to make new items and still get things rolling before my next convention. Once the relaunch happens I plan to post new items monthly, but I am going to do my best to make it bi-weekly.

The more options I have the better chance I have at getting traffic.

I want to fully beat Ultra Sun and/or Moon. I have a bad habit of not finishing my games. Sure I'll complete the story, but not the post game objectives. I also want a full Pokedex. It has been far too long since I've caught them all. Plus, I need that shiny charm.

I NEED it!

That's all I really have right now. I think these goals are reasonable and if I surpass them, even better.

So here's to a new year.

Let's just hope it's not another dumpster fire.

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