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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Won't You Be My Neighbor? - An Animal Crossing Top 10

With the launch of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp I have been reminded of my true love for this series. I could never really get the hang of things in the Gamecube version, but I've been hooked ever since Wild World on the DS.

Our animal neighbors really help make the game. If I have the right group I will do my best to keep them in my town. Nothing is sadder than losing your favorite neighbor. I have stopped playing because of this, but well get back to that story later.

The main point is that these characters can leave a real lasting impression on you.

You love some, you hate some, and others you just don't understand.

Through my various game plays a few strong personalities have stayed fresh in my mind. Everyone has their favorites, and few are always the same. I want to share with you some of my all time favorite neighbors.

So I give you...

My top ten favorite Animal Crossing neighbors!

But first a couple of ground rules for my list.

1: No NPCs.

They are staple in your community, even if you do still have to work for a few of them. This list is for your randomized neighbors. They are a big part of what make each game play unique to each player.

2: They had to have been my neighbor.

There are a lot of neighbors that I think are cool. However if I've never interacted with them in my town they are a no go.

On to the list!

10: Hopper

I love penguins, and this little cranky guy was my first neighbor of the kind. I have a soft spot for the "cranky" personality neighbors. In some ways Hopper was a replacement for a past cranky neighbor that I greatly missed. Through my interactions with him I grew to love Hopper for his own being.

Hopper resided in my City Folk game, and was still a resident when I moved on from my Wii version of the series. He would often wear my favorite designs and parade them around town to our other residents. He wasn't ashamed to cosplay.

I also can't help but smile at his starter catch phrase, "Slushie." Who doesn't like slushies?

Blue raspberry has always been my go to flavor.

 9: Olivia
Animal Crossing cats are a must. I've had my fair share of them for neighbors, but Olivia has always stood out the most. She's also the only "snooty" neighbor that I could really ever stand. Just ask Blair, because that little snot squirrel and I have a bad past...

But that's a different list, back to Olivia.

This cat has some style. She still resides in my New Leaf town and I'm still jealous of her ivory piano, not that I'd have room for it any where in my house. Yes this cat is a bit stuck up, but under that uptight appearance is a neighbor who does care.

Or she's just nosy.

Olivia likes to visit me a lot, but never over stays her welcome. She may be an acquired taste, but she can stay as long as she likes.

8: Alfonso

This crazy alligator moved to my New Leaf town shortly after I visited a friend's town. I apparently made an impression on him.

Alfonso is usually an upbeat, cheery neighbor but he falls under the "lazy" personality type. I find most lazy animals to seem a little weird from time to time, but that's also part of their charm.

Al would always send me on fishing missions, probably because he was too lazy to go try for a snack himself. I didn't mind though, since I liked helping him out.

Unfortunately, thanks to my friend his usual catch phrase of "it's a me," yes, like Mario, was long gone. I'm pretty sure she had him saying "yah, baby!" by the time he joined my town. That got changed as soon as I could, but I can't recall to what. I'm pretty sure he's still in my town.

I should probably go check on him some time.

7: Bam

This active little deer always keeps me on my toes. He constantly wants me to work out with him or race him. Guess that's what "jock" type neighbors are all about though.

It took me a little time to warm up to Bam, but before I knew it just seeing him strut around would make me smile. Seeing him hustle about would also make me want to work hard for the town.

Bam was a great little motivator. I was sad when he wanted to leave town, and even my asking him not to go only went so far. He prolonged his stay a few times, but one day Bam moved on from our little New Leaf community.

6: Daisy

Daisy is the worlds cutest puppy. I don't care what you say, it's true.

I love Daisy. Being a "normal" personality type she's very easy to get along with. She's a bit shy and worries over silly things, but is sweet as can be. She also has a mysterious imaginary friend that she'll talk about from time to time.

She was my gardening buddy in Wild World. I'd plant extra flowers around her home and she'd keep them alive and well.

Daisy would also regularly rock my fashion designs from the Able sisters' shop.

5: Ruby

This "peppy" bunny was one of my first friends clear back in Wild World. She generally had one very important mission for me. Bring her all the "Lovely" furniture I could find.

Her home was so pink...

So much pink...

Ruby would also visit me a lot, and scold me if I didn't go see her regularly. She always sent good gifts with her letters too. I remember being jealous of her stationary but luckily once I'd received one it was easier to get copies for myself.

Constantly using "lil ears" as her catch phrase gave her a big sister feel, even though she looks more like a little sister.

4: Coco

To many she seems creepy with her hollow eyes, but Coco is nothing but sweet. She's very similar to Daisy, also being a "normal" type neighbor.

I first met Coco in City Folk. She really liked to fish in that game, yet when we met again in New Leaf she changed over to bug catching. She was very happy when I gave her a mantis as a gift.

Coco also looks a lot like the gyroids you can dig up in the game. Her home is generally shelter to three or four of them as well.

If Coco moves to your town, don't fear her. She's a good friend to have.

3: Lily

If I was a frog I would be Lily. She makes me smile. Lily was my neighbor in Wild World and though she too at one point moved on I have never forgotten her.

Another "normal" type she was instantly likable and friendly. Much like Daisy, Lily liked to wander town and water flowers that she found. I loved that she was usually whistling or humming, and music notes were almost always floating around her head as she bopped along town.

Most recently she has joined my crew of friends in Pocket Camp! I was so excited to see my adorable frog friend again. I made a point to meet her invitation requirements quickly and now I can chat with her again whenever I please.

2: Biskit

This "lazy" puppy is the only villager that I can claim to have had in all three of my main staple games. He moved in on Wild World when my dear Lily moved out. He never replaced the frog but he quickly became a favorite to play with and talk to.

He also started my journey in City Folk with me, and helped me transition in the new town. It was awesome to start off with a familiar face. He even stuck around the whole time as well. Biskit is a very loyal friend if you are nice to him from the get go.

Shortly after moving onto New Leaf, I found that he had moved in as well, and it was a good day. He and Alfonso hang out a lot in that town, and it just seems so perfect - two lazy friends who just crack me up.

Biskit also likes to do a lot of different things. He's never out doing the same task. One day he's fishing, the next it's a hunt for the best fossil he can dig up. I will say he's a strange dog, but I wouldn't want him any other way.

Before moving on to my number one there are a few honorable mentions I'd like to bring up.

This guy was one of Shannon's best friends in New Leaf and I would often chat with him when I went to visit the other town.

My first "Jock" friend back from the Wild World days.

My "Uchi" neighbor in New Leaf. She loves my fashion, and I love her home interior choices.

I need her and Lily to be in the same town. Puddles is my New Leaf resident frog.

My cranky bear big brother from City Folk. Reminded me so much of my best bud ever in the series.

And finally my number one. The neighbor I love most of all.

1: Apollo

This "cranky" bald eagle may seem cold and rough around the edges at first, but he just needs a true companion. He will act tough and try to keep you in line like a big brother or father figure. Once he trusts you, he'll share his stories and wishes with you.

I liked Apollo from the get go, though it did take some work to get him to like me. He was a pillar in my Wild World game. I generally made a point to talk to him daily and I'd be sure he was on my letter list as much as possible.

Then a new Pokemon game came out and I took a break from Animal Crossing. When I returned I was devastated.

Apollo had moved away in my absence.

There was no chance to ask him to stay. He was just gone.

I was so upset that I stopped playing the game all together. Sure, I could have tried time traveling and just reset the date on my DS, but I was too hurt. It wouldn't be the same.

I just stopped playing.

I was even a bit gun shy when City Folk was announced. I didn't know if I wanted to get attached again just for more animals to move away.

Shannon bought it for me any way. He even managed to get me psyched at the prospect that Apollo could once again be in my starting town. It was a long shot with 210 possible animals to encounter. We took our chances though.

Alas, Apollo did not start out in our new town.

He did arrive later down the line though, and I refused to let him leave once he moved in.

As of recently, he chills out in my camp on Pocket Camp. He's probably the number one reason I'm already level 21 and the game has only been out for little over a week.

It's nice to know my favorite bird is just a button press away whenever I need a little smile.
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