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Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Truth - Whether We Like It or Not

Our current president, Donald John Trump, is a liar, a fraud, and is leading us down the path to the destruction of the democracy that we claim to cherish so much.

Republicans in office turn their heads and look away every time Trump creates a new controversy. They make excuses for him when he does something wrong, and then have to adapt their excuses to fit whatever narrative that Trump creates when his own explanations completely contradict the alibis attributed to him.

His reality is his own, and instead of calling him out his lackeys, like the waste of a paycheck Conway and cringe inducing Sanders, spin everything to fit his reality. It doesn't make sense and no one really buys it, but he continues to be our president because no one who can make a difference chooses to.

Let that sink in, and I'm mostly speaking to Trump supporters who continue to stand with their candidate. This man and his kind lied to you for your support in getting him elected. He promised health care for everyone, and jobs for everyone, and all crime to be done away with almost immediately when he got in office. He said he had a plan to destroy ISIS and it would be so simple and easy.

Donald Trump told you exactly what you needed to hear.

So why, now that his own words condemn him as a liar, do you choose to stop listening?

Just last week he celebrated a Republican health care bill that was rushed to get approved that will kick twenty four million people off of their insurance. Costs will sky rocket. The people who will need it the most, the elderly and the sick, will not be able to afford their own insurance. And if you're a woman, you might as well just move to Canada now. When confronted by angry Americans about what this new bill will do to people, Republicans didn't stick up for their constituents. They instead tell them outrageous claims like no one dies without access to health care. What happened to the Americans that our president vowed to help with the best health care for everyone? Trump seems to have forgotten them.

My personal favorite lie might be when Trump said that crime would be an afterthought when he would become president. He threatened to personally solve the crime problem in Chicago, which is in desperate need of help. Yet, over one hundred days later into his presidency, nothing has been done to help the people of Chicago. Trump loves to exploit the black people who come to his rallies with signs that say "Black People For Trump," but he seems to have forgotten them too where it counts. The streets of Chicago still run with the blood of innocents while Trump enjoys his weekend golf trips.

And ISIS? Well, at least something is happening.

Instead of tackling these issues that he promised he would fix as soon as he became president, Trump has had to fight a continuing battle for his own self image. And it's a battle he chooses to participate in, because no one should doubt that Trump's most important agenda is Donald J. Trump.

The Russia-Trump story will not go away, and you shouldn't want it to. Instead, you should be alarmed. You should be terrified. You cannot turn away from the political atrocities before you.

If you've been living under a rock for the past few months since Trump has taken office, let me break it down for you -

Trump asked Russia to hack Hillary's emails during the campaign, and they did. FBI director James Comey, in a very stupid move, vaguely announces eleven days before the election that they have reopened the investigation into her emails. Two days before the election he reiterates that nothing was found, but by then the damage was already done to Hillary's chances of winning.

Russia has contact with both Jeff Sessions and Michael Flynn during the campaign, even though they both denied it when asked. Flynn is fired by Trump only after the press finds out about his collusion with Russia, despite being warned months in advance by both sitting president Barack Obama and attorney general Sally Yates.

During testimony a few weeks ago, James Comey admits there is an investigation into Russia's hacking and whether it effected the election. He digs deeper, and just days ago asks for more resources as subpoenas are handed out. Trump fires the FBI director who is investigating his campaign's relationship with Russia, based on a recommendation from his new attorney general Jeff Sessions, who recused himself from all Russia investigations because of his own lies about meeting with the Russians.

So far, the smoking gun has not been found, but it's pretty clear to anyone without prejudice and with half a brain that there is definitely something going on.

And what is Trump's response to this?



"Fake news."

In his letter to Comey explaining why he fired him, he had to add that he was glad Comey told him on three separate occasions that he was not under investigation. Why? Why did he feel the need to add this? Is it just because he's an idiot politician,  or is he trying to plant more seeds of deceit to keep people away from the harsh truth that he is a liar and a fraud? Would the director of the FBI, a respected fed with years of experience, really tell someone whether or not he was being investigated?

And if you still believe after all this time that Trump is doing the right thing and is our greatest president ever, how about the fact that the president of the United States today literally tweeted a threat to a possible witness against him?

In press briefings later, White House spokesman Sean Spicer refused to answer any questions about that tweet and what it could mean, other than to just say "the tweets speak for themselves."

Trump also threatened to cancel those press briefings, and to only send out written releases instead. The power of the press is to hold these people accountable for their actions and to call out their lies when they hear them. And if you're one of the people who buy into the Trump administration's claims of "fake news" every time something negative is printed about him, I both hate you and feel sorry for you. To be so blindly led by party affiliation instead of common sense or patriotism is pitiable.

Is the media bias? Of course it is. If it wasn't we wouldn't have Fox News. But you cannot accept that everything written about Trump by anyone other than Trump is false. Once you have accepted Trump as the only truth in this country, you've accepted the first steps towards dictatorship. Governments in other countries control the news, but that is not America. We must hold people accountable for their lies, and whether you believe Trump or think he's guilty of Russian collusion, there must be questions. There must be investigations.

Every American, regardless of political affiliation, must ask questions about Donald Trump and his administrations. Do not make the mistake of just looking away and taking his word as truth, because politicians lie - and not just Republican politicians.

We are living through a very important moment in American history. This is the time when we either embrace democracy and investigate Donald Trump for his possible crimes, or we let him sweep it under the rug and allow the president to control this country without question.

Whether he is guilty or innocent, he must be held accountable and the truth must come out.

I've seen friends fighting over their beliefs when it comes to Trump. I've seen arguments, and I've been involved with quite a few of them. I've been called a Democrat, a left wing anarchist, and a "libtard" once. But I would argue that I am none of these things. I am a journalist, and I am an American. I accepted George W. Bush as my president just as I did for Barack Obama. I cannot accept Trump as president in the way he has carried himself so far. His lies, deceit, exploitation, possible treason, and lack of job knowledge makes him an easy target for the press, the people, and other countries.

I have never seen a country so divided as I have seen with Donald Trump as it's leader. I hope, if Trump is to remain in office, if he is truly innocent of these accusations, that he fire his circle of advisers and replace them with people who will truly help him and not just cater to his child-like tendencies.

This is the most important job in the country. There can be no room for those who would put themselves before the people.

Donald Trump must change, or he must go.
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