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Monday, September 21, 2015

Pessimistically Off-putting and Oppressively Ruminative

Note - The following article was sent to me by an anonymous guest writer, who will remain so until they decide to reveal themselves. I am just posting this trip for them. Enjoy!

It's difficult to start anything, regardless of significance, but what would be the best way to place your musings into a form that could potentially be viewable by others? How do you manage the complication of requiring large quantities of time to produce the smallest bit of text because you're never sure how you want to word it?

Obviously, the answer is this, because while this first paragraph took longer than it should, I have no deadline of any kind. I have all the time I want or need to put down thoughts that I may end up tweaking or outright deleting later, with no one knowing, or caring, one way or the other how many obstacles, false starts or dead ends it took to reach this end.

The idea of this is to type out thoughts I have on various themes of sadness. Depression, anxiety, or simple apathy ( a personal favorite) are certainly easy subjects to write about. Easy from a personal viewpoint, because I am familiar with the feelings I have, and I still don't entirely understand them each time. Relating my personal reflections on these feelings, my moods, when they come up is important to being able to better understand your own feelings. It's importance is only valid as a facet of a collection of thoughts, one viewpoint among many others, all of the same idea. The fact is that everyone will have a unique outlook on the situation, your situation and theirs being different, but still one and the same. How you came to be in your situation and how you deal with it will be the difference, but you are fighting the same thing. Being able to access someone's thoughts can sometimes be like getting inside information for your own fight. Some ideas may be just a shade different than your own, but you will certainly come across some that are so distinct, or even just beautifully expressed, it will open your eyes to possibilities you were unaware of. These possibilities will hopefully be available to anyone that wants to read them, because the only effective weapon for this beast is a different viewpoint, a shift in your outlook.

And no, that's not as easy as it might sound.

This long winded piece is just an introduction to try and explain a few...goals, I guess? For lack of a better word. I have very little desire to actually share this, but my own drivel about being a collective kind of obligates me to do so. As uninteresting and insignificant as I find myself, hypothetically someone (somewhere, someday, somehow) will find something useful in one of the future musings. Even if someone reads one of my viewpoints and says "Oh, yeah.." this will have served some kind of purpose.

The hard part to actually writing something readable is being able to collect your thoughts and present them in an eloquent fashion. I'll likely not be doing that. My thoughts are definitely scattered, and they just come when they come. They also usually come in the most inopportune times, such as driving to work, or when I've waited until the night before a test to start studying. I do what I can, and unfortunately it's often very little. I'm also not promising to refrain from outright whining, but I will certainly try to avoid any of that.

I have an idea of where this is going to go, so by all means please let the master know if you want this to continue (or start, to be more accurate). I'll likely keep writing now regardless of viewership, but I can always find another source if needed.
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