Podzilla 1985

Monday, September 21, 2015

Pessimistically Off-putting and Oppressively Ruminative

Note - The following article was sent to me by an anonymous guest writer, who will remain so until they decide to reveal themselves. I am just posting this trip for them. Enjoy!

It's difficult to start anything, regardless of significance, but what would be the best way to place your musings into a form that could potentially be viewable by others? How do you manage the complication of requiring large quantities of time to produce the smallest bit of text because you're never sure how you want to word it?

Obviously, the answer is this, because while this first paragraph took longer than it should, I have no deadline of any kind. I have all the time I want or need to put down thoughts that I may end up tweaking or outright deleting later, with no one knowing, or caring, one way or the other how many obstacles, false starts or dead ends it took to reach this end.