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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Friendship of Future Past

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is currently airing its fifth season, and has aired over 100 fantastic episodes.

At the end of season four we saw some old familiar faces from our adventures in the 80's. Tirek and Scorpan, from the original "Escape from Midnight Castle," returned as villains. In turn, the Smooze from the original "My Little Pony" movie" has made an appearance in season five.

These small nods to the ponies I grew up with has given me hope that we will see more little winks to their equestrian past.

With these wishes, I bring to you five things from the first generation that I would love to see in Friendship is Magic.

There are many things that I want to see again, but these I feel are very possible in the universe that has been laid out before us. 

# 5 Mr. Moonchick (The Moonchick)

This odd little dwarf-like man served as a pillar of wisdom and advice for the ponies. When a problem would arise that they could not solve, he was one to go to. He gave them the Rainbow of Light. He got them a new home when Dream Castle was destroyed. As absent minded as he was, he made things happen and hooked the ponies up with what they needed.

In many ways Zecora has taken over his role in the new series. She's just more of an advice giver and cure maker rather than overall issue solver. She gives the other ponies the means to help themselves, but what if something came up that she can't help solve? What if Twilight can't find what they need in an old book? Maybe they need to track down the mysterious Moochick.

#4 Twinkle Eye Ponies

We've got the classic Earth ponies, Pegasus, and Unicorns. A type of pony that I would love to see revived are the Twinkle Eye ponies. They come in all forms, but what sets them apart is that their eyes are crystallized. 

In a way the Crystal Kingdom ponies could be new take on these gemstone eyed favorites, but I don't want to settle for just that. It would be very easy to work these ponies in, but the tricky part would be to not copy the crystal pony stories. Naturally Rarity would be fascinated by them, but they would still need to bring something new to the series. Maybe they are a rare species, like the Breezies (who by the way are totally just mini Flutter ponies) and it's curiosity that draws our Mane Six to seek them out.

#3 Sea Ponies

Along with the Twinkle Eye ponies I'd like our pony friends to meet their aquatic counter parts. They have land and air covered. It's only natural that there are ponies in the water as well. 

The closest we may have come to this would be the sirens in the "Rainbow Rocks" Equestria Girls movie.

My problem with those characters is that they were the villain figures. The sea ponies have always aided the other ponies and been nothing but friendly and playful. Sure there are probably some bad eggs, but overall these creatures are on the side of good.

Plus other than some minor swimming there hasn't been any real sea or beach time in the series so far. 

#2 Catrina

I loved this villain and she needs to find a home in Friendship is Magic. Her addiction to Witch Weed, the source of her power, could make for a great plot device.

Plus I loved her minion, Rep.

I don't know if she's enough of a threat to serve as a major villain, but I think she deserves an episode at least. Maybe like Discord, she's stopped but not really converted right away and has to be saved from her addiction. Much like her original story, Catrina was't always bad. It's the Witch Weed that makes her bad. 

Though most importantly she would serve to bring in my number one wish - the return of some of my favorite pony friends.

#1 The Bushwhoolies

Yes, the Bushwhoolies. They started out as Catrina's slaves, forced to gather Witch Weed and produce her elixir from it. With some help from the ponies they realize that they don't have to be slaves and work together to overthrow Catrina. After gaining their freedom they become friends with the ponies and show up frequently for fun and to aid them. 

These little fluff balls may look like they can't do much, but never underestimate their numbers. They are loyal and will do whatever they can to help when needed. Plus they're cute, determined, and funny to boot. 

You know Fluttershy would love them.

I know I'm asking for a lot here, but I really do feel that these elements could fit into the world of Friendship is Magic.

Will it happen? Probably not any time soon. However that's not going to stop me from hoping for it.
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