Podzilla 1985

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Friendship of Future Past

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is currently airing its fifth season, and has aired over 100 fantastic episodes.

At the end of season four we saw some old familiar faces from our adventures in the 80's. Tirek and Scorpan, from the original "Escape from Midnight Castle," returned as villains. In turn, the Smooze from the original "My Little Pony" movie" has made an appearance in season five.

These small nods to the ponies I grew up with has given me hope that we will see more little winks to their equestrian past.

With these wishes, I bring to you five things from the first generation that I would love to see in Friendship is Magic.

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Sunday Random Sunday....the BZ85 Version!

From....my apartment, this is Sunday Random Sunday, which tonight is on Blogzilla 1985 as opposed to our normal audio version because of the holiday. I hope you had a fun and safe Independence Day and I'm so thankful that you're back with us again on the website that started it all.

I'll be going it alone for this adventure into the things you should know, the things you might find interesting, and the things you wish you could just forget.

You can't seem to turn on a television or check your favorite news website these days without being assaulted with stories about the definition of marriage and how the Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality is either progressing our country out of the dark ages or creating a new world of immorality. Gay rights activists call it a step forward in humanity, while many from the right say it's the first step towards a future where you'll one day be able to marry your neighbor's dog.

As ludicrous as that argument is, and it is one of the dumber things that the conservative community has ever spouted, there is a very real challenge to the new definition of marriage that came into the light over the weekend.