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Monday, May 11, 2015

Muppet News Flash!

When most people hear the name "Muppets," images of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy inevitably come to mind. Being a child of the 80's, I also tend to include the characters from Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock into the group.

Most Henson creations generally fall into this lot for me, and these various characters have been popping up right and left in entertainment news.

Back in March there was an update on the Fraggle Rock movie that saw Joseph Gordon Levitt attach his name to the project. There is a new Sesame Street movie in the works as well, and our beloved Muppet Show cast is returning to prime time TV with an all new show!

The news that I'm the most excited for right now is the premier of a new documentary - "I am Big Bird," which is a look at the man behind our favorite eight foot tall bird.

Since 1969, Caroll Spinney has brought life to two of my favorite Sesame Street characters - Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. At age 81 he is still preforming these beloved icons and has no intention on stopping.

That's 46 years, and counting! *insert The Count laugh here*

It's an amazing track record and shows the longevity of these characters. It's funny to think that Sesame Street started off as an experiment and is still going strong today.

You can learn more about the film, including screening locations and dates, at www.iambigbird.com

I might try and get some of the Podzilla 1985 and Pentanerd cast to make a road trip to Memphis to see this. Though July is a long way away when I could just buy it on iTunes.

One way or another, I plan to check it out and suggest that all Muppet fans do so as well.
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