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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fans put the Rage in Outrageous!

Last week we were given the first trailer for the new live action Jem adaptation. 

To put it nicely, fans were not pleased. 

I was aggravated enough that, after watching it the first time, I was in a bad mood for the rest of the night. 

What gets me is that they made a point to get fan input early on in the production. I even bought into it and followed their news regularly. Yet other than their names, and to an extent their relationships to one another, nothing in the trailer stood out as Jem and the Holograms. It was a major let down and did not feel truly outrageous in any way. 

Yes, they want to update the story. I can deal with the YouTube angle and the Lady Gaga/Miley Cyrus wannabe style. I can even forgive that they turned Eric Raymond into Erica Raymond. However, with all things taken together as a whole, everything I have been shown thus far tells me they've failed. 

They've failed big time. 

Let's call it a day and book the Limp Lizards.

I was ready to just turn a blind eye and forget the whole thing happened. But no, the internet just won't let it go.

Stefanie Scott, the actress who plays Kimber in the new film, argued in an interview that fans needed to give it a chance. 

I think you have to see the movie to understand. You can’t put it all in the same movie, and I feel like it really does set it up in a cool way. I think a lot of the things that people think are missing are in there. You just have to see it to understand. You can’t put the whole movie in the trailer.” 

No you can't put a whole film in a trailer. You shouldn't even try, or else there would be no point in seeing the film. What you should do is give us something to pique our interest. Show us that you should totally come watch this. 

It's only the beginning! 

I'm not buying it yet.

She continued, “I want people to see it so they can see it’s a heartwarming story. It’s a beautiful coming-of-age story about family, but the music is incredible and it’s really our rise to fame and then after that… I think it really needed to set up the story before we could get into everything.


Yes, a Jem story should be heartwarming. The entire existence of the group was to support foster girls and charities. To steal some lyrics from The Misfits - "Faith and hope and brotherly love is all she talks about." The group's rise to fame was over night, but their stardom was necessary so they could keep funding Starlight House and give their foster girls a good home and environment to grow up in. 

As for the coming of age aspect, it shouldn't have anything to do with the group's start. They were adults when the band was created, not squeaky voiced teens. 

Young adults, but adults all the same.

 The death of Emmett Benton is what started everything. It left Eric Raymond in charge of Starlight Music, with Jerrica and Kimber being half owners. The greedy man refuses to give them money for the foster home and they are left to deal with the issue on their own, thus the band was created to serve their cause, not to be rich and famous.

That's The Misfit's angle, and as far as we know they aren't in the picture.


As for music, that's always a matter of opinion. I hope they did make something catchy, but to be honest I'm not expecting anything beyond The Cheetah Girls.

I know that I have been harsh on this project, but that's because I really enjoy the Jem universe. I still enjoy the music and the TV show in general. I just want it to get the movie it deserves. I would love to get behind this film and see it succeed, but it has yet to impress me or even give me any hope. 

I watched the trailer again, after letting my initial rage subside. 

As an orginal movie it does look like it could be good. But it just doesn't feel like a Jem movie to me. Not from this first look at least, and in this modern society first impressions are everything. 

I hope that it can prove me wrong. I want the filmmakers to show me that they did listen to the fans and I'll forgive all the little things that they changed.

With that heartfelt little hope I'll leave you with a little Jem inspiration.

Some Jem-spiration, if you will.

Until next time.

Show's over Synergy.

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