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Monday, April 27, 2015

WWE Extreme Rules Reaction Show

WWE Extreme Rules is in the bag, and it was a very average show that was better than we expected, but not as good as we had hoped.

Join Seanán, Zach, Asa, Jordan, and Tanner as they discuss everything from the PPV, and bicker among themselves about who Sheamus is!

As always, click the banner below or use the handy built in player up top!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

WWE Extreme Rules Preview Show

We've got just the companion piece for those of you gearing up for tonight's big WWE PPV. 

Sister site Podzilla 1985 has updated with a preview show for Extreme Rules, where Seanán, Zach, and Real Rock 99.3's Double H go over each match with predictions, observations, and offensive humor. 

The quality of the PPV may be in question, but the enjoyment of listening to three wrestling nerds complain about everything never gets old.

Will SuperCena retain?

Will Daniel Bryan show up?

Will the diva's match not get booed out of the arena?

Listen to our input by clicking the big pic, or use our handy dandy built in streamer at the top of the page!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Wild Freemium has Appeared!

No too long ago, Nintendo entered the world of freemium games with Pokemon Shuffle - a puzzle game in the same vein as the Trozei series. The biggest difference is that you still capture the Pokemon you defeat to use in future puzzles.

I enjoy puzzle games and Pokemon so this was a natural fit for me. And when you consider that the game is free, you have a sure fire download for this blogger.

But, like most free games these days, there is a costly twist.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Starish Returns

Spring is here, bringing with it a new season of Uta no Prince-sama, and I am one happy fangirl.

To be honest, I was surprised when I found out about this a couple months ago. Season two wrapped up nicely and I was convinced that was all we were going to get.

This series can be a bit cheesy at times, but what else would you expect from a reverse harem title based off a visual novel game? I really wish Sony would market some of these to American audiences, but I have a feeling that they never will. Girls don't play video games, right? Oh, and we don't read over here either, so until I learn Japanese I'm out of luck.

For those of you haven't discovered this series I'll give you a basic explanation of the plot. Sorry if I spoil anything, but to be honest this show is somewhat predictable anyway.

 Haruka Nanami is attending a school for idols and other members of the music world. Her dream is to be a top composer and to write songs for her favorite idol, Hayato. While at Shining Academy she befriends several male classmates and forms a working relationship with them.

Why only working you ask? Well the school has one major creed, students may NOT fall in love. It is forbidden, for stars should put all of their passions into their work.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Podzilla 1985 Updates

We've got three more shows under our belt, and much like the text based BZ85, they cover a variety of subjects.

Sunday's show was our round table discussion about wrestling, Amiibo's, gay rights, and revenge porn sites.

Monday's show was an informative talk about the new live action Robotech movie.

And Tuesday's show was all about the Chris Jericho podcast with John Cena that aired after Monday Night RAW on the WWE Network.

You can listen to those shows by clicking their respective pics, or by using the handy media player on our main page right here at BZ85!

Thanks and enjoy!

Saturday, April 04, 2015

So.....What's Up With Blogzilla 1985, Anyway?

So I know it wasn't long ago that I said we would no longer be updating Blogzilla 1985. I had
devoted myself to closing the site down because I didn't want to be in the spotlight anymore.

And, for the record, I was committed to that. I've already written about it a dozen times on the site, but I have a very love/hate relationship with the entertainment industry. I just wanted to disappear because I made my point, I got my name out there, and I was satisfied.

Of course, satisfaction never lasts long. And just like Keanu Reeves character in Devil's Advocate, all it took was a little poking and prodding from the devil to get me right back into the thick of things. And thanks to a bunch of little devils who won't let me rest, I'm happy to announce that BZ85 will live on after all.

But! There are some major changes coming to the site. I'll be spending most of my time recording for Podzilla 1985, our newest endeavor that has really taken off like a rocket already. I'm having a great time doing, and it really has been a long time coming. We even have a media player at the top of the page so you can keep up with all of the great shows right from the comfort of Blogzilla 1985.

I'll still be overseeing everything that happens with BZ85, but for the most part I'll be handing over the text based site to long time BZ85 writer Lindsey Wolfgong. We may even be hiring new writers soon, so if you've ever been interested in writing for this beloved site of ours, let us know!

And where can you let us know?

How about our Facebook page! We're redoing the design and will be frequently updating it and promoting it like crazy, thanks to Zach and Kaeley.

So why all of the sudden attention to all things Blogzilla 1985? Because, and it's not a surprise to anyone who knows me, I need it. I need Blogzilla 1985, and it's in my blood. Dr. Frankenstein can never shake off his monster, and I'd rather embrace it than be ripped apart by it.

So, I want to thank all of you loyal readers who have stuck with us through thick and thin. I hope to continue to entertain you in new ways for many years to come. If I had a drink, I'd be toasting you right now.

See you next Wednesday!

Podzilla 1985 - AJ Lee Quits & Other WWE News

In this special midnight edition of Podzilla 1985, Seanán and Zach try to discuss important WWE affairs like Sheamus' return, Scott Steiner's banishment, Justin Roberts scathing blog, and the huge AJ Lee retirement news while horribly tired, reasonably coherent, and relying almost entirely on Full Throttle.

Friday, April 03, 2015

Podzilla 1985 - Nintendo Madness

This week, Nintendo released their latest Direct video, which focused on more Amiibo's, more DLC, new games, and nothing about the mysterious NX.

Pentanerd's Jesse Kimball joined the show to discuss all of these things, rant about scalpers, and talk about Fast and the Furious, for some reason.

Click the pic to listen!

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Podzilla 1985 - Monday Night RAW Recap 3/30/2015

The RAW after Wrestlemania is always nuts, and this years show was no different. From Brock Lesnar going into beast mode to the fans sexually harassing the diva's, RAW was a real spectacle.

Seanan and Zach discuss this week's RAW, or at least the version Hulu Plus version. Plus, we have our first contest! Listen to win!