Podzilla 1985

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Podzilla 1985 - Tara Reid & Body Image Issues in America

Recent photos of actress Tara Reid paint a terrifying picture. Blogzilla 1985 writers Seanan Young and Lindsey Wolfgong discuss the pictures and their own struggles with body image in the newest episode of Podzilla 1985.

Monday, March 30, 2015


We just wrapped up WrestleMania 31, and it was controversial to say the least. The main event was awesome, and it left our jaws on the floor.

Listen to the Podzilla 1985 reaction show on Podbean right now! 

Spoiler alert - Reigns is NOT the champion.

Click the pic and enjoy.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Podzilla 1985 Wrestlemania Special

It finally happened. Podzilla 1985, the audio version of Blogzilla 1985, has finally arrived with a very special first episode featuring Real Rock 99.3's Double H talking about Wrestlemania 31. Join myself, Hunter, BZ85 writer Louie Benson, and longtime wrestling mark Zach Price as we go match by match giving predictions and discussing all of the controversy surrounding this Sunday's spectacle.

Listen here, which will hopefully be the first of many!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Impossible Connection

It's a Sunday evening, and it's quite like every other Sunday evening. The wheel keeps spinning, and that's probably the best and worst thing that could possibly happen to me.

But today feels different. I feel like I'm at a crossroads, and I haven't felt that particular way in a long time. The wheel has been spinning the same way for so long that it's hard to cope with anything beyond the status quo. For a little over two years nothing significant has changed, and when the possibility of that happening comes up, I just don't know how to deal with it.

This is probably not the place for a personal blog entry. Blogzilla 1985 may have started as a personal endeavor, but over the past few years it become something more than that. It became a site for opinions and news, and it really did take on a life of it's own as something spectacular.

But, despite the success and shortcomings of it's creator, it simply started as a personal outlet for the various thoughts that wandered in and out of his mind.

And that's where I am today. No celebrity news, no opinions on Wrestlemania, and no political satire to try to get a few more hits. Today, it's just me, and I just need to get some of those thoughts out of my head. I know I said I would let BZ85 die, but I often realize I don't really have anywhere else to turn.

I have a problem connecting with people. BZ85 was a nice way for me to talk to people without actually having to talk with them. I used to be a social butterfly, and I'm sure my friends would all tell you how nice I am to talk to. I find it harder and harder to make connections with new people, and more often than not I just don't care to. I've lost interest in the human race for anything other than my own gain, which really conflicts with my undying desire to be selfless and help everyone around me.

I don't think I've ever felt as conflicted as I do right now.