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Monday, September 01, 2014

Who Needs Tradition?

Sean and Kini's top scoring looks
This past week's challenge was to create an unconventional wedding dress and a reception look to go with it. That's a lot of work for a one day challenge, so the designers once again found themselves working in teams.

Tim used the dreaded velvet bag to draw names and match up the ten remaining designers. As usual some lucked out and got along well with their teammates, while others would just have to tolerate one another.

Discord was a popular trend in this episode.

Right from the start Korina and Char turned on their roommate Amanda. They claimed that she was a fake and it wasn't fair that she returned to the show. 

Talk about being petty.

Runway Redemption is just another new twist in the game. The judges don't treat the returning designer any different than the new ones. If anything it's the viewers who liked that designer more, they are the ones who voted for her to come back, after all. Getting bitter over Amanda winning challenges makes them look like poor sports. Maybe they thought they were being big by saying it to her face rather than behind her back. Or it was just a psychological attack to throw off her game. Either way it was a low move.

Dirty pool, ladies.

Dirty pool.

But I won't bitch about it, it just means my list of designers to see go has gained a more names. Oh, and one of them did get cut!

Char and Sandhya's low scoring looks
Char had the unfortunate luck of being paired with the ever headstrong Sandhya. They did agree that they wanted to use a bright color, but once they went to Mood, Sandhya demanded they use a bright yellow that she found. Char tried to talk her out of it, knowing she was in for trouble, but she lost the battle. 

Personally I didn't mind the color, but neither designer handled it well. The judges chose to refer to them as Big Bird and Tweety, but I feel that Alex had it best when he described Sandhya's nightmare as the leftovers from corn on the cob.

Both dresses were poorly made, and just awful all around. I was very glad to see the judges questioning Sandhya as a designer for once. No matter which lady was chosen to go, I would have been happy with the outcome. 

It was still too soon for the judges to give up on their quirky designer, so I knew before Heidi even said her catchphrase that Char was out.

It serves her right for being petty towards a fellow designer.

Korina has made it to the top of my "gotta go" list. Sandhya's still there, but at least she's civil with the other designers, so I'll take her over Korina any day. 

Even though he was in the top, Kini was also a little bitter this week. He did most of the work in his group. He finished his own intricate look quickly and ended up making the top for Sean's look as well, since he took all day on his pants. This little tidbit was never brought up on the runway though, and Sean took the win without crediting Kini with the help on his look. 

I feel that Kini should have won this one. He did amazing work yet again and got robbed. He was upset, but he didn't lash out like some other people. 

I really hope he makes it to the final three and shows at fashion week.
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