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Monday, August 04, 2014

WWE 2K15 Looks Fantastic...Literally! Now with Hulk Hogan Collectors Edition Info!

I was getting worried about the new WWE 2K15 game since it's coming out in about two months and we hadn't even seen a screen shot of it yet. It's not unusual to keep a game under wraps and build anticipation for that big epic reveal, but this was just cutting it too close for my tastes. To me, it was similar to when they don't screen movies for critics. You can almost bet your life savings that that movie is going to suck. Not that I even read movie reviews anymore, after Roger Ebert died... 

Regardless, my hype level went through the roof today after my friend Louie sent me a picture that John Cena tweeted from the WWE 2K15 game.

Holy. Crap. 

For those of you who haven't seen it yet, I present it below along with a side by side comparison to how Cena's in game model looked in WWE 2K14. The differences are astronomical. My fiancee actually thought the new Cena model was a legitimate photograph of the grappler. She wondered why he looked like a gorilla, which I assured her was accurate.

It's not even a challenge. Finally, Cena is a cartoon character in personality only!

Let that eye candy rot your mental tooth for a second and we'll move on.

It's only fair to mention that, even though it was labelled a 2K game, last year's WWE title was still done by THQ/Yukes and only went to 2K when THQ went out of business. So this years game will be built by 2K from the ground up, and if this one screenshot is any indication, it's going to be amazing.

Also announced on IGN was a few new details about the game itself. There will be a new rivalry mode that will be similar to 2K14's 30 Years of Wrestlemania mode, but focusing on more personal rivalries instead. It will also feature a career mode similar to the one found in their NBA games, which I'm excited about after watching Louie play his character. It's extremely in depth and personal. It really makes you feel like you're living the life of a superstar, and that mode sounds perfect for wrestling.

IGN also reiterated that WWE 2K15 will feature four times the amount of recorded announcing, so hopefully it will feel more dynamic and akin to the UFC games. Announcing in WWE games has been stale since, well, it was first implemented. I will always have fond memories of playing the old Smackdown games and hitting a gore with Rhyno, only to hear JR scream out "Stone Cold Stunner!"

Boomer Sooner! I don't even know what that means.

All of the moves and animations have been redone, and there will be a massive upgrade to the amount of each in the new title. The animations in the last two games were already incredible, and I can't wait to see how they push the hardware limits on the Xbone and PS4.

This is looking like it might be the WWE game that we've always dreamed about.

And if you say that there's no chance it will be better than No Mercy, I'm going to back trace you and come beat you mercilessly.

If you have a lot of money and the regular edition of WWE 2K15 is below you, you can always shell out a hundred dollars for the Hulk Hogan collectors edition! It comes with a figure, exclusive Hogan DLC, Hulkster autographed card, and a piece of a WWE ring that Hogan stepped on.

He stepped on it!

It may seem excessive, but this is the version I'm getting.


Because Hulk Hogan is the greatest wrestler of all time, Asa.
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