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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Suit Up!

Winning look, ep. 4
This past week on Project Runway our designers were each given a classic suit from various fashion periods. The jacket and pants from these suits would serve as their inspiration and fabric to create a new high fashion look. The added twist was that last week's winner, Sandhya, got to assign everyone their suits.

So far I've been a pretty harsh critic when it comes to Sandhya, but I'll give her a little credit here. She took a difficult suit for herself that had a bright yellow jacket and loud purple pants.

As for everyone else, she claims to have given them suits that fit their tastes. No such luck for Hernan, who has been a dick to her since the team challenge.

I'm glad she screwed him over this time, and I agree with a point that she made. If you're a good designer it doesn't matter what your materials are, you'll make something good.

Hernan did not.

He bitched about not being inspired by the cream and brown suit. Well guess what? Several other designers weren't too thrilled with what they got either. Mitchell was uninspired by his hideous denim leisure suit, but he still muddled through and made something he liked. Hernan just kept blaming the materials, even after Tim tried to explain that he was trying to drape fabrics that weren't meant to be draped. It was a lack of skill, taste, and humility.

Kini's mad skills
I'm just gonna skip to that fact that I'm glad he's out. I didn't like him from day one and he couldn't back up his words with any skill. I'll be adding another check on my accuracy list on who should be out.

Goodbye, Hernan. You will not be missed.

You know, I'll even go as far as to say I didn't hate Sandhya's look this time. Granted, I wasn't impressed with it either but at least it was nice to look at this time.

Amanda pulled off her second win for the season. though I still feel that Kini should have won. Hell, even Amanda thought the win was gonna be his when they were on the runway! I liked her look, but I really do feel like she's shown us this same look in the first season of runway that she was on.

Kini's design was more commanding, and just more interesting in the long run. Plus it was impeccably sewn. All of his stripes and seams lined up and he still finished with an extra two hours to spare the day before their runway show.

That's crazy!

I want awesome mad sewing skills like that.

Fade's design
My favorite look of the episode though belonged to Fade . It was a very simple design but the way he worked the various patterned fabrics made it beautiful. Some times simple and understated is just the way to go.

I'm starting to get a few favorites under my belt at this point. Kini has strong potential to make it to the top three and I wouldn't mind seeing that happen.

I've consistently liked the work that Fade has produced, but I don't know if he's got what it takes to wow the judges. He's been in the safe zone for every challenge so far.

Mitchell is a bit of a wild card. His taste level can be questionable at times, but I love that he wants everything to have a fun attitude. It's kind of refreshing from the edgy rockers that I tend to cheer for each season.

With choosing designers I like, I'm also starting to have a harder time and picking who I don't want to see stuff from any more.

Sandhya is still on my 'you need to leave' list, but I doubt that's going to happen any time soon.

I'm starting to get a bit bored with Char. Yeah her stuff is girly and kinda cute, but it's also been pretty dull. She always come across as a nice person so I want to give her a chance, but unless she steps it up I don't think she'll go far.

We'll just have to wait and see what happens this week. Did you know that they'll be designing a red carpet look for Heidi?

Spoiler alert, she and Tim kinda already announced who designed her dress at the Emmys. But you know what, congrats to Sean. It's awesome that Heidi and Tim gave him the press attention. The fashion world is all about who you know and who knows about you.

Sure it'll take a little excitement from this week's episode but it's not like they gave away season 13's winner.
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