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Monday, August 18, 2014

Mechablogzilla is Shutting Down

I originally created Mechablogzilla as a sister site to Blogzilla 1985 because I wanted a site to focus primarily on games. I have a lot of friends who skip the BZ85 posts that don't deal with the gaming industry, and this site was primarily for them. I had so many different writers posting so many different things on the main site that lots of posts got lost in the shuffle. Of course, those writers are all gone now, so....

With BZ85 as popular as it has ever been, I felt it was time to formally shut down Mechablogzilla. I just don't have time to keep both updated, and BZ85 is the primary site with access to all of the stories anyway.

So, it was a short ride, but I'd say it was still enjoyable. I tried some new design styles with the site, and while not all of them worked, it was a learning experience.

I remind you all that you can still read the latest and greatest ramblings of a mad duo on our Blogzilla 1985 site. I will leave Mechablogzilla up for another week, and then the site will go offline completely. Thank you all for reading, and I hope to keep seeing you guys at BZ85!

Farewell, Mechablogzilla!
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