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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fashions of Future Past

Winning Look
episode 3, season 13
This past week on Project Runway our designers had to do a little time traveling. They were told to create a look that will be worn twenty years in the future, but it had to be inspired by fashion from twenty years ago. So their imaginations had to translate 1994 to 2034.

In 1994 I was eleven years old. I was in fifth grade and getting ready for that transition into middle school. I think the closest thing to fashion for me was drawing new clothes for my paper dolls, but I'm pretty sure I was just obsessed with horses at that point in my life. 

I remember a lot of spandex, neon colors and floral prints. It was kinda scary, really.

Back to the topic at hand.

Our designers got to make their first trip to Mood this season. They were very excited to finally pick their own fabrics rather than being given random assortments of stuff. 

This time there were a lot more outfits that wowed me, but many of them gave the impression of a very bleak future. I don't expect it to be all peaches and cream, but having a positive outlook can't hurt right?


At least a few designers did give us a little color and a brighter look forward, though to be honest most of the looks I really liked were darker in nature.

Designed by Kini
I loved Kini's look, though he didn't make it to the top three. The judges probably liked it but thought it was too present day rather than future.

Of the top three looks, I really did love two of them. Kristine's quilted jacket and white mini dress was the look I wanted to win. I liked that her inspiration was a mix of grunge with a touch of "Clueless", that blend of preppy with rebel.

But no she too was too current, not enough future.

The judges are on something, cause once again Sandhya won. Her weird ass metallic tubes impressed them, where it just looked weird to me, and most of the other designers. Yes it was different, and she has a clean hand in construction, but I just don't get it. Maybe I'll come around when we get a more normal challenge.

I don't like beating down on Sandhya, as she seems like a nice person overall. Heck, even when she explains her thinking process for her work I understand where she's coming from.

I just don't care for where she ends up.

In my opinion, Kristine earned this victory, even if her model's accessories and makeup were a bit over too much.

On the losing end, Angela was sent packing from the runway. It was her third time in the bottom three, and her sloppy flight attendant uniform didn't convey the power business wear she was aiming for. You have to give her credit for trying, but she was a bit too high anxiety for that kind of environment.

That's one off of my "you need to go" list. Now, if we can just get rid of Hernan this coming week.

I'm surprised he didn't get nailed by the judges for over exposing his model this time. That poor girl was relying on safety tape to keep from any wardrobe malfunctions.

I leave you with one last great thing from this episode. I was multitasking a bit while getting caught up with the show, and I happened to pause the it at a great moment.

Let's just say Tim is not a fan of the grunge style, be it then, now, or ever.

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