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Monday, August 04, 2014

Fandango Fabulous

The Winning Dress
Prepare for trouble, and let's make it double.

Episode two pairs up two of what seems to be the designers' least favorite types of challenges - teams and unconventional materials.

Personally, I love the unconventional challenges.

This time the movie experience was to serve as their muse and source of materials. Lots of fun stuff, from actual film reels and VHS tapes to concession items like straws and 3D glasses, were at hand for the designers to gather and work their magic with.

Their mission, to create three cohesive looks that could be in a collection together.

Easy right?

Never. It only takes one stubborn member in a group to bring things to a crashing halt. Many of the teams worked well together and pulled off the task at hand, but not all of them could coexist.

The worst group of all was Sandhya, Hernan, and Carrie. Sandhya won the first challenge and had the blessing of immunity, yet still insisted on doing whatever she wanted and not really worrying about the groups synergy.

Hernan wasn't much better and kept pushing his own ideas on the other two, while not budging and basically talking down to the girls.

I'm not really one to get up in arms about feminism, but I got real sick of him calling them 'Baby' and such.

After a nightmare of a critique with Tim, the girls ending up giving in and going with Hernan's vision. He didn't really give them any other choice, and all three dresses ended up looking alike, with Sandhya's being the worst. It was sloppy, unflattering and obvious that she didn't care any more.

If she cared at all to begin with.

The most disappointing part for me was how immature Carrie acted. She was once again sporting a Sailor Moon necklace, which on its own made me want to root for her. Yet once they found out they were the losing team she started acting like a spoiled brat and was just shy of throwing a tantrum. Yes, Sandhya's look is what brought them down a lot, but she had immunity and would not be going home. Still, both Carrie and Hernan kept trying to talk the judges into doing just that.

I kind of wish they would have just sent both of them home. It was a despicable sight to witness. Hernan, however, somehow made the cut and Carrie was sent packing. She was pissed and continued to make it known as she waited for Tim to tell her to go pack up her things.

On a brighter note this week's winner was Amanda, the Runway Redemption choice. She never won a single challenge in season 11 but she finally got one under her belt. Ironically, it was a team challenge, since her first season was the "teams" season.

Her look was cool (it's pictured at the top of this blog), but it wasn't my favorite.

No, I was drawn to Mitchell's design. His cocktail dress was covered in a mosaic of cut up CD's. Once the light hit it, it was nothing but brilliant rainbows. There would be no blending in to the crowd in this number. It wasn't the most inventive of the lot, but I really liked it.

So we move forward to a new week, knowing there will be no more Sailor Moon treats. I'm starting to get a few designers that I like, but no hardcore "I want them to win" feelings yet.

I do want Hernan out ASAP, hopefully to be followed closely by Angela.

I'm sick of her nervous nature. I'm also looking forward to Sandhya's exit. Yes she has ideas, but I just don't care for them or her. Maybe she'll prove me wrong and wow me next time, but so far that hasn't happened.

Until next week!
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