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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Creative Arts Amateur Hour

Thanks to some early press for The Creative Arts Emmys, we already knew who the winner of this past week was before the show aired. Our designers were creating a look for Heidi to wear at the awards ceremony!

Sean took this big win, getting a great deal of exposure and the right to claim he's dressed a well known super model. It was a nice comeback for him since he'd been in the bottom for the past couple of challenges.

Overall, I wasn't impressed with this past week. There were a few nice dresses but I didn't really like any of them. They were all pretty bland or just simply not to my liking.

There were also a lot of bad, unfinished, and rushed dresses. This partly came from Heidi not liking what she was seeing in the work room. She gave them an extra $100 each to go along with their original budget, and a quick trip back to Mood for extra or different materials.

If a designer chose not to return to Mood they could give their extra money to another designer. Sandhya played the game and started asking others for their money if they weren't going. It paid off and she got herself an extra $400+ to play with. This move irritated some of the other designers who were also starting over, but they could have done the same thing. They just chose not to.

I can't blame her for playing this tactic, though for all of her extra money she still was only safe this week.

The true grabber of this past week was that two designers were sent home, as the judges were very disappointed in the poor effort they produced. Nina even commented that it was "amateur hour" at one point.


Kristine, Korina, and Mitchell were all on the cutting block, and they all knew that they were in trouble.

Each had restarted after a poor critique. The shortened amount of time to work, thanks in part to their second Mood trip, didn't help their situation much. It looked bad all around.

I honestly thought that they might send all three home, but Korina managed to pass the cut with her ill-fitting, sad green gown. I was a little sad to see Mitchell go. I'll miss his up beat attitude among all the negativity.

I'm also a bit disappointed that I didn't even have a favorite look this week. That doesn't happen often. I hope it doesn't repeat this week.

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