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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Sailor Moon English Cast Announced

I'm going to beat Lindsey to this one.

Even though we're only one episode into the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime, we're already looking ahead to what the future holds for the franchise.  Episodes from the original series are currently posted weekly on Hulu, and we already know that they plan on dubbing Crystal as well as re-dubbing the 90's anime.

Now we know another piece of the puzzle!

The English cast for the original re-dub was revealed at a Viz Media panel at Anime Expo on Saturday. It's unclear whether or not the cast will also handle the Crystal series, but considering Viz Media now has a stranglehold on everything Sailor Moon, it seems very likely.

There are quite a few well known names in the list, but the one everyone will be taking about around the water cooler has to be Johnny Yong Bosch as Artemis. He's one of the best VA's in the business, and he brings a sense of legitimacy and natural charm to any role he performs.

And now I have a way of connecting Power Rangers and Sailor Moon other than that awful live action/animated hybrid that the makers of Mighty Morphin' was rumored to have paid for. I'm pertty sure they actually had nothing to do with it, but it always made a for an interesting legend.

Anywho, here's the full cast list, courtesy of Anime News Network.

And, just to terrify your nightmares, we present the awful Sailor Moon pitch video that was so bad, it almost got President Clinton impeached!

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