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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Return to the Runway

Season 13 of Project Runway is off and running. As usual we never know what to expect from the challenges, designers, or the judges for that matter. 

They are already confusing me, for sure.

The designers and fans alike were thinking "what?" when Sandhya Garg was announced as the first challenge winner.

This season's group was told to create a look that would represent their design vision for a spring runway collection. They were also only allowed to use materials that were given to them in a locked trunk on their work stations. Mixed in with the basic solids and a few fun prints were some night mare fabrics as well. It was a make it work moment for all of them on this one day challenge.

I will admit that Sandhya's look was interesting, but seriously her model looks like she belongs in a zombie movie. The oddly ripped sleeves and frayed cloths added to the harsh make up with sort of messy hair just screams horror film to me.

My favorite look of the runway belonged to F├Ąde Zu Grau. It was simple but had a nice clean and classic feel. I also really liked the way he blended two different prints to create the skirt. 

Guess I had boring taste this time cause his look was only one of the "safe" ones. So we'll get to see more from him next time.

I have yet to really latch onto any designers yet. It's still a bit early for that. Though I did get to have a little fan girl moment for an entirely different reason during this episode.

Designer Carrie Sleustskaya was rocking a necklace that was pulled from my all time favorite anime, Sailor Moon.

During their final audition I noticed the heart and wings hanging around her neck and had to rewind to verify. Sure enough the charm was Eternal Sailor Moon's broach and wings from the final season of the original run.

That alone made my night. 

Runway and Sailor Moon, all in the same shot!

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