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Friday, July 18, 2014

New Filthy Casual & Super Game Over Show Videos!

A plethora of content has been recorded and delivered at our two newest affiliates' Youtube pages, for those of you who tire of print and desire a medium with sounds and whiz bang action.

First up is Kat over at The Filthy Casual, who continues to raid the tombs alongside gaming's first sex symbol, Lara Croft. Bet you thought I was going to say Toad, didn't ya? You sick, sick pervert. This time the duo are taking on the Tomb of Tihocan, which may or may not contain both whimsy and adventure. And probably something to shoot at, as well.

Meanwhile, the Boys (TM) over at Super Game Over Show have posted both parts one and two of their journey with NES classic (?) "The Adventures of Rad Gravity." Not only is it a quirky space romp that I've never even heard, but it's also noticeable for featuring a main character that may or may not be inspired by Bruce Campbell.

I'm not guaranteeing that Bruce Campbell will appear in the video, but I'm not NOT saying that he won't not, either.

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