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Monday, July 14, 2014

Blogzilla 1985 Joins Forces with Super Game Over Show

We're adding a handful of pretty faces to give Kat and the Filthy Casual a run for her money when it comes to playing games.

The fellas over at Super Game Over Show have been gracious enough to partner up with yours truly to bring their own spin on vidja games to BZ85.

What better way to introduce them to the '85 community than by providing you access to their show on wrestling games? It's no secret that we're big wrasslin' fans here, as well gaming nerds who spent more time on the NES than any other system in the HISTORY OF LIFE.

It's just my life, but it feels like forever for me. Because it was.

The Boys (TM) take on Tecmo Wrestling (Yay!), Pro Wrestling (YAY!), and Wrestlemania The Arcade Game (crickets and the sound of Scott Hall snorting coke) in their newest video.

Enjoy, and don't forget to subscribe to Super Game Over Show right here.

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