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Sunday, July 06, 2014

A New Moon Awakens

The moment that all moon fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. The first episode of "Sailor Moon Crystal" has been released for our viewing pleasure. I'm sure that most loyal fans watched the new show as early as they could, even getting up at the crack of dawn to do so. I however had to put in a thirteen hour day at work before I could indulge my fan girl needs. My fiance and a group of friends were even nice enough to wait and watch it with me.

Over all I really have no complaints with the reboot. Act 1: Usagi, follows the manga very closely. You can literally pick out each panel in the episode. Other then some minor changes to make it more like the manga as well, it really is just an update of the original first episode.

I was a little disappointed we didn't get that classic theme song, and yet I actually really like the new song. The opening animation is very pretty and they did a good job at featuring the main cast. We even got a little peak at my favorite villains. Seriously someone get to work getting screen caps cause I don't have the right tech within reach right now. I require more images of the generals!

We got a few minor changes right off the bat. Usagi's mom, Ms. Haruna, and Shingo all got slight hair re-colors and a change of eye color in some cases. Mamoru also sports the full "Dracula" tux, complete with medallion, and is already aware of his mission to find the Silver Crystal. He also looks just a touch more feminine, it'll take a little getting use to. If the opening animation is true to the the show, his iconic green blazer has now been changed to a sweater. I'm gonna miss that ugly jacket....

The new transformation sequence messes with me a bit. The 3D element is what bothers me, but not enough to get pissed over it. It just looks sort of odd when everything else is 2D. Other wise I like that it keeps the feel of the original, even if it has been drawn out a bit longer.

I do like that they are mixing in dreams of the past. If there is one thing I would love to see more of in this take of the series it would be their past lives. I've always loved the back story of the Silver Millennium and would much rather see it used as filler than random "monsters of the day". I really hope they actually add in the generals having been Endymion's allies and Beryl's reasons for turning evil. I just really want to see the past animated. Plus the more screen time the generals get the better. ^_^

I think it is also safe to say that this version is going to do a better job at being creepy in the monster department. The manga really did freak me out at times, but the original fell a little short. Watching Jadeite actually create Morga, rather than just summoning her was nice new touch. I had a little fan girl cheer when we realized it was her. Her death at the end of the episode was also a tad more disturbing than in the original. Charred and slumping over before turning back into the muck she was created out of was a bit darker than just turning into shiny dust. I look forward to seeing other familiar monsters in the future. Still could have used a little more Jadeite though....

The new title and bumper screens are great. I love the silhouetted figures and the over all sketched feel of them. Makes me want draw Sailor Moon fan art again. So pretty...

I know I am highly bias to this fan universe but all and all I feel that Crystal is holding up to my expectations so far. I'm looking forward to the next episode.  It just sucks that we'll only get two a month. In the long run I'm just glad to see these characters up and running again.

See you next time Moonies.

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