Podzilla 1985

Monday, June 30, 2014

Money in the Bank -or- How the Grinch Stole Momentum

I tried to let this Blogzilla thing die. Honest to God, I really did. I realized that there is a difference between stardom and internet stardom, and I don't want to become some kind of PewDiePie, Markiplier, or any other kind of alleged entertainer with legions of fans. I want to be known world wide for something, but I don't want it to be some kind of internet ranting or trying to get the attention of the kind of people that make PewDiePie a millionaire.

A fucking millionaire.

I told myself I would focus solely on screenplays, because what I want to do more than anything is make movies. I posted on both the official BZ85 Facebook and my own private one that I was done. I was finally prepared to walk away from this site after years of moderate success. I had a great time, and got to interview some celebrities and personal heroes. I also interviewed a nude model and struck up a friendship with her, which becomes odd when you're talking casually to a person you see naked all the time.

And then, there was Money in the Bank. John Cena, all by himself, inspired me to write one more article for this cursed site I can never escape from.

But why? Why did I feel the need to come back to rant online when I took a very serious stand against ranting online?