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Sunday, May 18, 2014

An Iconic Return: Sailor Moon is Back!

A long over due return has been announced for Sailor Moon fans everywhere. Many of us have been aware of the delayed reboot "Sailor Moon: Crystal", which will begin airing July 5th of this year, but more recently it has been brought to our attention that VIZ has obtained the rights to the English version of this classic.

 Many of us grew up with the dub by DIC, but VIZ will be completely re-dubbing the old classic in a new uncut format. We will get to see a more accurate translation with no missing episodes, no censored content and no renamed characters. I am personally excited to see a dubbed version of the final season of the series that never made it to us loyal fans in the first run. VIZ also plans to release freshly dubbed versions of all three movies as well as the TV specials that accompanied the later seasons of the show in Japan. I'm thrilled at the notion of getting to see "Ami's First Love" in a format other than a fan-sub.

Beginning this Monday, May 19th, VIZ's newly subtitled version of the series will be available on Hulu. They plan to release two episodes every Monday and later this year episodes of the dub should be available as well. Later down the road Blue Ray and dvd releases are planed, and will be in half series box sets. So depending on how they package the movies and specials we're going to be looking at, at least ten box sets to get the entire original series. Start saving your money now Moonies.

I will be.