Podzilla 1985

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Ultimate Tribute

I guess I should put a disclaimer on this saying that this tribute probably won't qualify as an "ultimate" one. I'm sure there are better tributes online for the man in the face paint, but I felt the need to write my own and I'm too tired to think of an original title for it.

But it's not the title we're focusing on, right? We're here for a man named James Hellwig, an Ultimate

Warrior, who passed away yesterday at age 54.


It seems like the Warrior has been gorilla slamming people into oblivion since the dawn of time, and it seems so incomprehensible to me that he was only 54 when he died. It's the new middle age and far too young to say goodbye. If it were the only farewell I had to make I probably wouldn't be writing this. 

Lucky me, because here I am.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Blogzilla 1985 joins Tumblr!

Since websites are so 2000's and Facebook is a fad that will die soon, the good people at BZ85 decided to extend our reach to Tumblr in a desperate attempt to fend off intellectual property death for another week or two.

So why not check us out on Tumblr? It's fast, responsive, and easier to connect with our fans. All three of them! Follow us today, because if it's not sexy we don't eat.

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