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Monday, March 03, 2014

Top 10 Water Type Pokemon!

I've been a Pokemon fan since it's American debut back in 1998. Over the years, one thing has pretty much stayed true in my love for the game. Water types are usually my favorites. Now don't get me wrong I have favorites across all of the types, I just tend to favor the water type above all else.

So I am presenting to you my "Top Ten Favorite Water Type Pokemon!"

A few quick notes: 
My choices are mostly based on the overall look of the Pokemon, but I have used each of these in battle as well. I've never been big on stats. I just use what I like and make it work, and in the long run these are my personal favorites of the lot.

Also I will only be using one Pokemon from any given evolution chain.

Golduck: a duck Pokemon. You can never go wrong with first generation Pokemon. I loved my Psyduck because of its character in the anime, but I do like its evolved form a bit more. It trades in its cute pudginess for a sleeker, more battle ready look.

My choice of moves for X & Y:

Surf - Water
Shadow Claw - Ghost
Aerial Ace - Flying
* Rain Dance - Water (only if it has Swift Swim as it's ability)
* Zen Headbutt - Psychic (if it doesn't have Swift Swim as it's ability)

Milotic: a tender Pokemon. A Pokemon that you have to put some work into, but is well rewarding in the end. I've had my butt handed to me by this Pokemon a number of times. With a proper move set it can be a real pain to go up against. 

My choice of moves for X & Y:

Aqua Ring - Water
Aqua Tail - Water
Ice Beam - Ice
Twister - Dragon

Sharpedo: a brutal Pokemon. I was very iffy about this Pokemon, but it actually served me very well in my Emerald game. I am a trainer that usually relies on attacks only and this one fits that role perfectly. It's also the Pokemon that started my love of Dark type Pokemon and moves as well. 

My choice moves for X & Y:

Crunch - Dark
Skull Bash - Normal
Surf - Water
Earthquake - Ground

Mudkip: a mud fish Pokemon. Okay, after its internet insanity who doesn't love Mudkip? I'm not a fan of its evolution, but on its own it is just adorable. I want to hug it, and I have a plushie so I can! 

My choice moves for X & Y:

Hydro Pump - Water
Dig - Ground
Scald - Water
Sludge Wave - Poison

Blastoise: a shellfish Pokemon. My original partner, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I was a water type fan from day one with Squirtle at my side. It was a long journey but I kept my little turtle pal with me and watched it turn into this armored shelled bad ass. It's new mega form was a pretty nice treat as well.

My choice moves for X & Y:

Hydro Cannon - Water
Bulldoze - Ground
Dark Pulse - Dark
Focus Blast - Fighting

Froakie: a bubble frog Pokemon. It was really hard for me to make my starter choice for X, so I went with my instincts and stuck with a water type. I'm glad I did. I love my Froakie, which is now a Greninja. Its first form is still my favorite though. It's so cute! I also love that this little guy was Ash's first Kalos region Pokemon and it's evolved form will be seen in the new Smash Bros game on 3DS and Wii U!

My choice moves for X & Y:

Scald - Water
Bounce - Flying
Smack Down - Rock
U-Turn - Bug

Oshawott: a sea otter Pokemon. Yet another adorably hug worthy starter Pokemon. I'm such a sucker for these cuties. Though at times it looks like an evil little clown, overall Oshawott won my love quickly. I love its little ninja action self when it uses razor shell in the anime. 

My choice moves for X & Y

Razor Shell - Water
Revenge - Fighting
X-Scissor - Bug
Blizzard - Ice

Spheal: a clap Pokemon. Of all the round squishy Pokemon, Spheal is my favorite butterball. This little creature just makes me smile. Though I do like Sealeo as well, its final form kinda freaks me out, so very rarely would I let this little guy evolve. I would rather keep it cute and squishy for all time!

My choice moves for X & Y:

Sheer Cold - Ice
Surf - Water
Earthquake - Ground
Ice Ball - Ice

Piplup: a penguin Pokemon. Of all the Pokemon toys I own, this little lovable penguin makes up the majority. It is probably my favorite of all the starters. Diamond and Pearl were my true return to the Pokemon world after a long break, and I was excited to have Piplup by my side. To this day my copy of Pearl has the most hours logged into it, and my little penguin played a large role in that.

My choice moves for X & Y:

Water Pledge - Water
Drill Peck- Flying
Brick Break - Fighting
Ice Beam - Ice

Vaporeon: a bubble jet Pokemon. If you know me at all you knew this was coming. Vaporeon is not only my favorite water type Pokemon, but it is my favorite of all of the existing Pokemon so far. You can bet money that if I am given an Eevee it will become a Vaporeon as soon as I feel the time is right. It has been a staple in my team from the very beginning and will always have a spot there. I only wish there was more merchandise out there for this one.

My choice moves for X & Y:

Surf - Water
Ice Beam - Ice
Toxic - Poison
Bite - Dark

And there we have my personal top ten favorite water type Pokemon. There will be more lists in the future, but for now I'll leave you with this.....