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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

BZ85 Has A Sister!.....site!

A giant mechanical one that really has no defined sex, just like transsexual pop star Miley Cyrus!!

For everyone who sometimes gets tired of the "heavy" stuff here dealing with death, politics, and Tim Gunn, we offer you safe haven at our new site.

MECHABLOGZILLA is another step in the long term goal perceived a few days ago. It will offer the best kind of news, reviews, opinions, lists, podcasts, and everything else dealing with games from the perspective of a man who's played a lot of games.

And probably some other people too, once he (I) loses focus as I'm almost guaranteed to do!

The site isn't quite finished yet, but we're going ahead with plans to open it now for public consumption. Enjoy, leave us some feedback, and get ready for hours and hours of content based on the politically skewed views of a jaded gamer.

Also, inevitably there will be Kate Upton photos!


Your new one stop shop for gaming. Assuming you make one really quick stop a day and you're not too picky with what you read.

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