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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

CM Punk Exits WWE.....Good Riddance!

Let me preface this by saying - I'm actually a CM Punk fan.

Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you that I'm a big CM Punk fan. I was straight edge long before I had ever heard about Punk, but he made me feel better about my choices since a lot of the people I knew seemed to look down on me for my beliefs. He was great on the mic, solid in the ring, and had a character you could really believe. He wasn't the kind of two dimensional phony that we're force fed week in and week out.

When I found out that Punk has apparently walked out on the WWE I was initially proud of him. He's tired of the same crap we are, and he stood up against it and told the machine to go fuck itself.

He is the voice of the voiceless, right?

Well, sort of. The more you read in to it, the more you realize the only voice he cares about is his own.

I remember a time when CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Zack Ryder stood in the ring together as champions and I thought that maybe things would be okay from now on. That would be the last time I would ever feel that way about the WWE. Even so, I never lost faith in those three. Those were my guys. Here were three made men who had come up from nothing and made their own fortune. 

Of course that lasted all of like a week. Before too long, Ryder was buried like a stinking corpse and Bryan was put into a nonsensical comedy role. The only person that came out of this smelling like a rose was CM Punk, who went on to a legendary title run that put him amongst the all time greats.

You wouldn't know that by looking at the sorry sonofabitch, though. The man walks around with the kind of sad expression that would make even Eeyore tell him to brighten the fuck up.

Punk, for as long as I've been a fan of his, has done a very good job at painting himself to be the victim of the machine. This is despite his multiple title runs and top tier feuds, which I guess doesn't matter when you're asked to step away from the spotlight and let someone else have some face time. 

It was reported today that CM Punk has walked out on the WWE, and the biggest contributing factor to that is because Batista came back and is getting the headlining spot at Wrestlemania instead of him. A few years ago I heard Punk say that the last thing he wanted to accomplish in the WWE was to headline Wrestlemania, and it looks like another year is about to pass by without his great milestone. 

Like I said, all of the things the WWE has given him seem to be meaningless when they ask him to step aside and let someone else take the top spot. Whether or not you agree that the person to do so should be Batista, and I personally don't think it is, it's not his decision to make. Voice of the voiceless, best in the world, whatever to whoever, Punk is still an employee and when you're told to do something you do it.

But that's not who Punk is. No, he's not a rebel, either. He's a little brat who gets pissy whenever he doesn't get his way. He's fine with talking about taking down the machine and how Vince is a millionaire who should be a billionaire, but for every fan that buys into his act I hope they realize that all that translates into is that CM Punk should be the focus and no one else.

If it were Orton vs. Bryan in the main event at Wrestlemania, Punk would have walked out just the same. It could have been Colt Cabana vs. Chris Hero for the world title and Punk would have still walked away, because in his mind Punk is the only person worth a damn in the entire industry. 

He recently did an interview with Ariel Helwani, and it he said he wouldn't be a fan of wrestling today if he weren't in it. You could take that to either mean he dislikes the industry as a whole but puts up with it because he works there, or they without a CM Punk there would be no industry. Either way, this one time underdog hero just comes across as a egotistical jackass. 

I swear, this is my fault. I always pick the complete dicks. I grew up idolizing Hulk Hogan, who I found out later was a controlling ego maniac who held everyone down. I adored Shawn Micheals, who turned out to be a cokehead and as bad of a politician as Hogan could ever hope to be. Then there was Matt Hardy, who is just a complete fucking moron with drug and anger problems. 

And a hot wife he does not deserve. 

And also beats, apparently.

So who is next on the list for me to put my chips on, only to slowly corrupt them into selfish fucks that I'll someday rant about? I've taken a shining to Bryan lately. Run, Daniel, before you become really successful, and then really, really self absorbed and ultimately insignificant.

And as far as you're concerned, Mr. Punk. I wish you nothing but the best in TNA, assuming they can afford you, considering they can barely afford catering. Samoa Joe eats a lot. You're more or less guaranteed a title run there, since they have a policy that allows all WWE wrestlers to go over their home grown stars. It's just good business. Maybe with your spot left open in the WWE another unappreciated talent can step up and finally get a chance to shine.

And hopefully appreciate it.

It's not like the roster is short on hungry talent. There are plenty of people for Triple H to build up and then demolish completely once they "hijack" the show.

Run, Roman Reigns. Just run.

I will miss CM Punk. For every tear he shed for himself, he also turned in a killer performance or cut an amazing promo that made you give a damn about the product. Not many people in the federation can do that anymore, as you probably figured out for yourself at the Royal Rumble when Cena, Orton, and Batista got booed out of the state. Still, it's hard for me to want to reward someone for acting like a child for not getting their way.

It's also hard to support a company that makes such obvious bad decisions when it comes to who they push. After the Royal Rumble I wasn't so sure about how much longer I could support the WWE.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one.

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