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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Them Bone Boys are Back!

Small post today as the BZ85 crew just got back from a mini vacation to St. Louis. I could rant about the mind boggling disaster that was our stay at the Wildwood Hotel, or heap praise on the amazing store called V Stock, but I digress. That's another rant for another day. We're very tired!

I did want to take a second out though to point your eyes and ears to the new single by Bone Thugs n Harmony. It's called "Everything 100" and it's a damn fine preview single from their new album.

If you're unfamiliar with the group, shame on you! Bone is arguably the greatest rap group of all time, with a career spanning near twenty years and multiple hits. Their greatest success came from the rocket ship hit song "The Crossroads," which was their homage to fallen mentor Eazy E. It was featured on pretty much every greatest hit list of all time, including country and Brazilian pop.

Bone has stood the test of time and survived plenty of trials and tribulations within the group. They broke up last year but quickly realized that independently they're amazing, but together they're unstoppable. Today's cookie cutter rap artists could learn a lot from a group that has shown more maturity and growth than Tara Reid ever will, Sharknado or not.

So, enjoy the first single, look out for their new album, and stayed tuned to BZ85 for more updates and rants once our jet lag is over.

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