Podzilla 1985

Sunday, August 11, 2013

More Construction!?

'Fraid so! Turns out our very own RE Casper got a bee in his bonnet about the site design and has decided to spruce it up a bit. Seeing as how he does this kind of stuff for a living and I'm just some guy that used to have Angelfire, I decided to let him take a crack at it.
So expect sporadic posts on here until we get an even BETTER NEWER AND MORE FANTASTICAL BZ85 website.

Also, did we mention that we'll be moving to Blogzilla1985.com pretty soon?

That's right. Our own domain.

Today is tomorrow's yesterday!

UPDATE - Just noticed we're already at Blogzilla1985.com! Damn Caz works fast! Like a greased up weasel! 
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