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Friday, August 23, 2013

Life is like a Hurricane... A Few Memorable Duck Tales Episodes

I've watched a lot of cartoons in my childhood, and still do to be perfectly honest. One show that has always had a special place in my heart is Duck Tales. I watched it everyday when it was still airing. Disney Afternoon was a regular part of my scheduled whenever I got home from school. So naturally when the series was released on dvd I had to have it. Over the years certain episodes have stood out in my memory more than others. Now mind you these just individual episodes, so no Gizmoduck origins this go around.

"Hotel Strangeduck", Scrooge buys an old castle and turns it into a hotel despite the rumors of it being haunted. Almost right from the get go weird things start to happen to the usual cast. Floating suitcases and books, suits of armor moving on their own, even dinner cooking itself.
 Scrooge doesn't believe any of it until he himself is threatened. Their guests aren't about to leave either the hotel either. Huey, Dewy and Louie start to suspect that their guests, the Duchess and Benzino, may be involved some how. They keep seeing the Duchess snooping around and find that she's hunting for a hidden lab. In the end it turns out that she's really the sister or the previous owner, who's not dead just missing. The "ghost" turns out to be his old assistant using invisible paint in order to steal things. The missing scientist appears and reveals all. Scrooge, impressed with Strangduck's formulas, strikes a deal with him to sell his creations for the good of mankind.

 "Maid of the Myth", Mrs. Beakley, while staring in an opera for charity, is kid napped by real Vikings. Scrooge, Lauchpad, and the boys go after her, chasing them to Greenland. They try to blend in with the locals as they search for their favorite maid. 
After being caught it is decided that if they can win a race they will be set free along with Mrs. Beakley.  Launchpad volunteers to be the racer, but naturally is awful at it. Luckily a local girl he was nice to helps him learn the ropes and get's him ready for the match.

While Launchpad is training Mrs. Beakley is forced to entertain the vikings. Their queen grows jealous of the attention the larger woman's singing is getting and plots to silence her voice. Though the tainted water ends up being consumed by Lauchpad. Unable to yell out commands to his racing goats, Mrs. Beakley takes his place in the challenge. Despite being sabotaged she over comes her obstacles and wins the race ensuring their freedom.

"Down and Out in Duckburg", Scrooge get's a lesson in being charitable when he looses everything. 
Due to an ancestor's debt Scrooge is forced to give everything he owns to Mr. Fritter O'Way. Kicked out of his home, he's forced to live on the streets with the boys and his loyal servants following him. Scrooge goes back to his roots, trying to get a job only to be turned away by everyone who he'd shown little compassion to.
Having had enough, and after a little encouragement from the boys and Duckworth he decides to go after the lost marbles that created his ancestor's debt to begin with. Surprisingly a sailor, who Scrooge had refused to help repair  his boat, offers to take them out to sea to retrieve the missing cargo. With the marbles returned Scrooge's fortune is returned to him and he turns a bit of a  new leaf and starts to use some of his money to help others.

"The Curse of Castle McDuck",  Scrooge, the boys and Webby take a trip to Scotland to visit the old family cottage. Just beyond was a decrepit castle that's rumored to be haunted by a vicious glowing ghost hound. Naturally the boys are curious about it and want to check it out.
While in the walls of Castle McDuck Scrooge tells the kids the story his mother told him as a child, and how all of McDucks had lived in fear of the hound. As night fell they see the hound first hand, but still find it hard to believe.
They discover a group of Druids using the castle and Scrooge becomes enraged over them having chased his family out of their home. During the day they set up traps to capture the Druids and the ghost hound. Webby get's lost through a secret passage, but ends up finding the answers to the mystery of the ghost hound. Scrooge's ancestor built their castle over the Druid's meeting circle, and they used the hounds to chase them away. The glowing was from a special flea powder, nothing more.

"Home Sweet Homer",  Scrooge and the boys go searching for the lost city of Ithaquack. Ancient  magic transports them a time when the city existed. They end up rescuing Homer from certain death and aid him in saving his beloved from the evil sorceress.

Along the way they meet many characters from "The Odyssey".
I still remember part of the sirens song, "Pennies, nickles, quarters, dimes comes to us while there's still time."
Upon reaching the city, they are duped by the sorceress and Scrooge and Homer ate turned into pigs. It's up the boys to turn them back so they can get home. They break the medallion that holds her power and returns everyone back to normal. It also reawakens the magic storm that returns them home.

"Bermuda Triangle Tangle", one of Scrooge's cargo ships is lost at sea, the third one in a couple of months. So Scrooge takes it upon himself to find out what's going on.
They find a society of shipwrecked survivors. They're forced into their way of living, though Scrooge is determined to get them out of there. He learns that most of the others want out as well. They start planing a mutiny against Cap. Bounty, the head of the survivors.
They convince him that they all want to try and get back home. They all work together, but have to deal with a sea monster as they try to free their ship from the sea weed.
They manage to escape back to civilization, but the creature finds it's way back with them. It wreaks havoc in Duckburg Bay, and Cap. Bounty comes to the rescue and returns the beast to the Triangle.

"Back to the Klondike", as Valentine's Day draws near Scrooge reminisces about his prospecting days in the Klondike and his love for Glittering Goldie.
Their relationship started with her cheating him out of his gold in  a game of cards. He calls her out on it, and she makes a deal to find a new gold nugget to make up for it. They both worked hard and dug up a good amount of gold to start a new life together with. But things didn't work out as planned.
The boys wonder if there's still gold in his old claim and Scrooge remembers that it is indeed still his claim, so they go to check it out. They come to find the old prospect town is run down and practically abandoned. Though they do find someone living in his old home. After being shot at they find that it's none other than Goldie, and she's got a grudge the size of Montana against Scrooge. Turns out that they were both fooled by another local who stole their gold and made them each blame the other one. They reconcile over finding a new gold vein and finding the real thief. They don't really get back together but Scrooge does give Goldie the old claim.

"Duckworth's Revolt", after hearing the boys call Duckworth his slave, Scrooge fires him so he can have a chance to make "big bucks" on his own. While the boys are apologizing to their former butler the four of them are abducted by vegetable aliens and forced to work in their garden.
Us to following orders, Duckworth does as he's told for a while, despite the boys' defiance. The boys loose faith in Duckworth, and start to give up as they listen to some of the other captives. Duckworth begins to devise a plan to rebel against their captors, to regain the admiration of the boys and his pride.
However hearing that he was a slave in his own world the others are less than convinced in his abilities. The boys are behind him 100% though and they start to take action. They rally the other slaves and over throw the Vegetable beings. Through their battle no one was flying the space ship and it headed for a crash landing on a bright green planet. Ironically enough it was just what the Vegi-people needed to rebuild their lives. They apologized and returned everyone to their homes. Duckworth get's his job back in the end and the boys understand the difference between servitude and slavery.

That's all for now, maybe next time I'll take a look back at Rescue Rangers.....

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