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Monday, August 19, 2013

Let's Talk About Love (Wild & Young)

But first, let's wish G-Dragon, of Big Bang, a HAPPY (26th) BIRTHDAY!!! (slightly belated, but SHHHH...) You know what that means?! New music is on the way ^_^
He is slated to release his 2nd solo album soon. YG just released this teaser...

So TAKE THAT you people who criticized him for his intagram pic (the one where his face was painted black... for his MV). You should have known better than to make comments about 'racism' and such when you probably don't even follow Kpop or know what is going on.


Sorry, but some people just can't keep their mouth shut and have to jump to conclusions. What ever happened to not judging a book by its cover.... or understanding that you just don't know EVERYTHING.


Now, back to talkin' about love... hehe.
Another member of Big Bang, Seungri, will be coming out with his 2nd mini album August 19th (well, actually it is already the 19th in Korea, so it is out now! Lol). Suengri, you tease!!! What a sexy teaser for a MV?! WARNING: EXPLICIT (19+ for extreme sexiness, omo) x_x

Seungri's MV for 'Gotta Talk To U' was released TODAY and is already quickly climbing up billboard charts in many countries. He has even made it into the US iTunes TOP 20!!! Woohoo! Congrats, Suengri!

YG Entertainment's newest act, SuperstarK contestant Kang Seung Yoon, has released 'Wild and Young' after debuting a few weeks ago with his rock ballad, 'It Rains'. Even though it isn't exactly something new, it is quite refreshing to have rock in the mix of the kpop world. 

MIB gave us a glimpse at their new MV with this teaser.

Turns out, that the teaser was more like an intro to the actual MV for their some Men In Black.

The concept of covering various movies as themes for MVs started recently with Brown Eyed Girls' 'Kill Bill' and now with MIB. I can't help but wonder what is next.

EXOs 'Growl' MV was revealed August 1st. Don't get me wrong... but I liked EXO when they debuted. I thought they were lacking a bit because there was so much hype for them before they actually did debut though. I think they did well waiting so long for their comeback. If this is any sign of the future of EXO, then they are just going to climb up my favorite list.

I absolutely love the MV and this song! (I have it on repeat right now) XD
A special thanks for the camera operator for this. Hehe

Their practice video that SM released live performances for this are also pretty freakin' fantastic.

Did someone say pool party? How about random dancing and pillow fights? 2NE1 has released a fun loving, self camera video for 'Do You Love Me?'. It is great to just see the girls hanging, having a great time, singing and dancing with each other and friends. Word has it that they scrapped the big production video because of their tight schedule. I think it was a wise choice, because who doesn't love seeing these 4 gals jump around acting crazy with each other? XD

During an interview with JJANG! (a YouTube show that keeps its viewers up to date on all things Hallyu from news, entertainment to fashion and culture), SM Artist, Henry let the cat out of the bag that there was indeed an English version of his solo debut song, 'Trap'. He wouldn't give any information as to its release. How dare you keep up waiting SM!!!!

August 22nd marks the date for a comeback for rookie group NU'EST with their album 'Sleep Talking'. Bring on the teasers... and spoilers!!!!?!

7 member rookie group, WASSUP, recently debuted with their 1st single titled 'Wa$$up'. It isn't looking very good for them though... could the controversial twerking of Miley Cyrus wreaked havoc for all genres of music? Well, you can't blame WASSUP for giving it a go themselves. With almost twice as many dislikes as there are likes to their MV, I present 'Wa$$up'!

String Pop group, Odd Eye, made an English version of their song, 'Catch Me If You Can', although many YouTubers are complaining that even though the song is in English... they can't really tell that it is. Regardless I enjoyed the Pop Art style video.

Last, but definitely not least... the delicious twins are back. Tasty released the MV for 'MAMAMA'. I can't even begin, just watch it! ;)


I will be back soon with more music and updates, but in the meantime... enjoy the stage performances for the comeback of B.A.P

and Tasty

and let's not forget the awesome comedic power of helium abuse!!!!!


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