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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Almost Pocket Sized Fashion

Most of you can tell from my following of Project Runway that I enjoy fashion. Granted I don't get all hyped up about who the big name designers are, frankly the only ones I even know are because of Project Runway. I just enjoy designing cloths. Even when I was little I liked making cloths. I use to draw new outfits for my Jem and the Hologram paper dolls, and I would attempt to make cloths for my Barbies, though they usually just consisted of some wrapped fabric and ribbon. My sewing skills still aren't the best so most of my fashion ideas only wind up on paper. A long time pet project of mine has been creating fashions, be in costume or feasible everyday wear, based off of Pokemon. Which ironically enough was sparked to life by Project Runway...

For a while I also spent a lot of time playing "Fashion Story" on Shannon's iPhone, but as much as I enjoyed the little fashion game it got tedious. Either I'd keep missing my time deadlines and my cloths would expire before I got to put them on the sales floor, or I'd get so far along that I would have to either spend real cash to continue or find friends to move me along. Call me a loner if you will but I like playing those kinda of games alone, not bugging everyone to send me stuff so I can make my shop cooler.

I have however found a new alternative that I am slowly becoming obsessed with. "Style Savvy: Trendsetters" on the Nintendo 3DS. Shannon tried to get me to get this game back when it's first incarnation was released on the DS, but I feared the whole you need other people to play with you thing to even give it a try. I mean I was being realistic, no one around me was going to play the silly little fashion game, they're all bigger gamers than I am and most of them are guys.

But the other night we were at Best Buy checking out their summer "Black Friday" sale and while downloading my free goodies for "Animal Crossing: New Leaf" I spotted this game. I normally I would have probably just glanced and let it go, but it was on sale for $9.99. For ten dollars I was willing to take a chance, and frankly I'm glad I did. The first night of game play alone I was finding it hard to put the game down.

You start off just window shopping when the store's own comes up with her hands full and asks you for a hand with the door. After thanking you she gives you a look over and is impressed with your sense of fashion, which I find funny since you haven't chosen anything for self at all yet. In true video game randomness she asks you to help one of her customers choose an outfit, even though it's her store and she has other assistants working there. But you do it and after a successful choice she offers you a job. The game runs through a couple of days teaching you the basics, how to buy stock, sorting through your inventory for the right type of style your customer wants, taking pictures, etc. All the while little story elements are dropper here and there as you meet other people who will make an impact in your future.

Long story short, you boss decides to pursue bigger ventures and give you the shop. As manager you get to rename the store and give it your own personality. She also leaves you with a fresh assistant, who just happens to be the first girl you helped choose something to buy. Over time you gain other assistants to help at your shop, but you can only have one active at a time.

My current assistant is Danny, an energetic teen who not only was my first male customer, once the men's lines were unlocked, but also my first Bronze rank member of  my shop. You get to dress your assistants up in whatever style you want and they won't bitch about it. They also watch the shop while you're out running errands or just taking some time for yourself.

At my store, SapphireStar, most of my clientele want bold or feminine style items. The search options helps a lot in narrowing down your search, so you don't have to memorize what each item can work under. The search allows you to narrow down by item type, are you needing pants or a skirt? As well as by brand, taste, color, pattern and price. So far I usually just rely on the taste tab. It breaks it down into Basic, Girly, Preppy, Pop, Sporty, Retro, Feminine, Luxury, Boho-chic, Asian-inspired, Princess, Gothic, Flirty, Bold and Edgy. Your customers will usually tell you want style they are wanting to go for, but once they become regulars some of them will expect you to remember what style they love. For your men's line you also get Contemporary as an option and it takes away the female only categories. So far most of my guys shoppers are "contemporary" nuts, but I've been getting more requests for "street wear" which I have yet to unlock.

As your store's popularity increases more styles and stores will open up to you at the buyers center. Each store has a style specialty, but their items are not always limited to just that one style. Several of them encourage mixing and matching, but normally their brand will have a main strength. Such as AZ-USA, my favorite so far in the game, focuses on bold looks but will also have edgy and feminine items available.

The Buyers Center is where you buy all of the stock for your shop. At the beginning of each season each brand will send you samples to start your store off with but it's up to you to buy the rest. One perk is whatever items you choose to sell in your store, you get to add them to your personal closet as well, they'll be delivered to your home.   Once you've added items to you cart you can increase the quantities as well to have more to sell in your store. Not every store is open every day, so it's a good idea to make regular trips to the buyers center. You'll start to see trends in the styles your customers like, so be sure to stay stock up on what's popular to them.

Aside from running your store there is also a make up and hair salon that you can visit to change up your own look, and buy make up for yourself. The manager of both of these establishments start off as customers as well. The sooner you get them liking you work the sooner these stores will open to you. After a while a furniture store will open as well so you can redecorate your home too.

The final element of the game is the fashion contest. You choose a model, are given a theme and then you work your magic. Choosing the right look and matching make up and hair style will get you the win. My first contest was for "Retro" fashion and I'm happy to say I managed to take first place with the little number you see to the left.

In the main menu of the game you're also given a "Style Trial" option. This is a way to find out what your own style is. You make an outfit of your choosing and then it get's rated. I honestly just tried this part today for the first time. I tried to stay true to myself, not be influenced by the game, and the results were "Ice Princess." This got a smirk out of me. I haven't thought of myself as an ice princess since high school. Each time is a little different. My latest look was dubbed "Prime Prima Donna" for style. Either way it's an amusing little feature.

I will say the game is repetitive in nature, but I like it. I wish you could create your own pieces, but you are restricted to what's in the game. In a way though that's part of the challenge. Creating something that you yourself are happy with, but also meeting your client's needs with what you have to work with. There's also an online shop mode, but I haven't looked into that aspect of the game yet.

All and all "Style Savvy: Trendsetters" was well worth the $10 I spent, and you know what after playing it I really don't think i would have minded paying full price for it. Cheaper is always better on my wallet, but this is a good quality game for it's audience.

Now if you excuse me I have more fashion hungry customers to make happy.

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