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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Steam Sale Ends Tomorrow - Wallets Breathe Sigh of Relief

Well friends, it's about that time again. After a week and a half of fantastic games at rock bottom prices, and Infestation for $3 more than it ever should be, the Steam Summer Getaway Sale ends in just 21 hours.

As we look back on the madness, let us be thankful that this years sale saw the introduction of some new elements that made it feel more like an event than just another cash grab.

The Steam trading cards seem to be a big hit, as users were buying and selling extra cards to craft that limited time summer badge and snag some extra swag. I myself got an emoticon from 2002. I'm not sure exactly what I'm supposed to do with that, but there it is in my inventory looking all post modern.

If you still have some money in your Steam wallet, or still have a mortgage or two you can take out on your home, there are some great choices in their encore day of deals. You'll be able to snag the big hits like Tomb Raider, Civ 5, Skyrim, and Borderlands 2 for insanely cheap prices. Or, if you're more of an indie guy, you can get Torchlight 2 for the must buy price of $4.99.

Plus, they still have flash sales going all day for the random purchase.

Farewell, summer sale. Now we can all rest and rebuild our defense towers until the next Steam sale comes along to destroy our fortifications and raid our wallets once more.
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