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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Quick Rant on George Zimmerman and the Media Monsters

If there is one thing that has united the mainstream media in presidential off season, it's George Zimmerman.

If you watch any of the major networks you'll see Zimmerman as they want you to see him portrayed - a crazy Klansman who routinely patrols the neighborhood in his all white battle tank, which is covered in the blood of innocent black children, in his never ending quest to quell the dark uprising. He's kind of like the Punisher, only instead of Frank Castle's family being murdered by gangsters, they were seen in the same neighborhood as African Americans and he swore an oath to right that injustice by murdering their kind.

Injustice. It's not just a fantastic game, it's a real thing, people. George Zimmerman is the poster boy of injustice now. He's a seven foot tall fire breathing negro killing racist machine designed to destroy anyone who isn't white. You know, despite the fact that he himself is not white. But that's a fact, why would the networks bother themselves with silly little things like that!

If you watch any of those networks and buy into the rhetoric they spit in their never ending quest for the almighty dollar, then you're an idiot. True journalism died decades ago and what we have now is nothing more than a new style of entertainment designed to scare and absorb you into their ratings stable. They're more akin to actors than newscasters, and the guys I grew up idolizing have either died or retired from this mockery of an institution they once proudly embodied.

In the initial "podcast" yesterday I touched on the fact that the Trayvon Martin story is still a major media event, and do you want to know want to know why it hasn't dissipated? Because the media found someone they could exploit, and they continue to exploit him thanks to people who can't more or think on their own. They need the puppeteer to guide them from one story to the next without the ability to see the world for themselves.

Trayvon Martin might as well be a character in reality TV. The whole case might as well be a Law & Order episode, and the mainstream media knows that they found a prime time story. This is up there on the level of who shot JR.

They will move on only when and if the public gets tired of Trayvon Martin, and then they move on to the next poor soul they can exploit. Maybe finally then that thirteen month old baby that was shot in the face will finally see justice. Unfortunately, until the ratings drop, neither will the exploitation of Trayvon's death, or the character assassination of George Zimmerman.

Trayvon was not an innocent angel, and George Zimmerman is not the devil. Neither of those facts make what happened to that seventeen year old any less tragic. However, we would be doing justice (remember that word?) a wrong by merely calling Zimmerman a racist devil that shot an innocent child, when none of that seems to be entirely true. He was in the neighborhood watch, he was well liked and helpful in his community, and by all accounts he was a damn decent guy. Trayvon was just a kid, but it saddens me that all of the negativity about Zimmerman was deemed crucial to the case, while all of the middle finger weaving and pot smoking from Martin was labeled a smear campaign to destroy this angelic icon of racial tension and injustice.


Within the past few days I read that Zimmerman was being praised as a hero for helping to save a family of four trapped under a car wreck. I then read on TMZ that the people under the car were white, and I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth. This was one of their top stories, like the fact that these people were white was the smoking gun in this story and that it taints any good he did by helping them.

Is that not injustice, as well?

Is TMZ insinuating that if they were black, he would have ignored them and kept driving?

Ridiculous. He would have pursued them nonetheless, even if the authorities had told him not to.

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