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Thursday, May 16, 2013

So You Want to Be a Meatball Head? Odangos Made Easy!

You're a Sailor Moon fan, and you've always wanted to wear your hair like Usagi's but you're not quite sure how to make it work. There are several ways to pull it off actually, but the following tutorial is the easiest way I know.

I will say to start off that the longer and thicker your hair is the better the results will be. To wear odangos you're hair should reach mid way down your shoulder blades at a minimum. It is possible to do with shoulder length hair, but it doesn't leave much of a pony tail. When I use to wear my hair like this regularly, it was grown out well past my waist.

Items you will need:
  • a hair brush
  • a comb
  • 4 hair bands (size will depend on the thickness of your hair. Thin or normal hair i suggest using small bands. For thick hair use medium or full sized bands.) If you can match the color of the bands to your hair or use clear ones.
  • a mirror so you can see what you're doing (unless you're doing someone's hair, then it'd just so they can see ^_^ )

Since my own hair is no longer long enough to rock this look I'll be using a medium-high quality wig to demonstrate with. I however do not recommend this styling technique for wigs. It works best with your own real hair. You will see a few gaps in the wig as I'm styling it because despite being of better quality it's still not really meant to showcase this kind of hair style.

To start separate your hair into two pony tails on ether side of your head. Use a comb to get a straight and even line down the back of your head. If you don't have someone to spot check for you a hand mirror along with your bathroom or vanity mirror is a good aid for checking on your own. We're going to start with the left side so go ahead and tie off the right pony tail so that it's out of your way. It can be low for now since we'll come back to in it a moment.

Use your hands and a hair brush or comb (which ever your like to use) to gather the left half of your hair into a high pony tail along the crown of your head. Be sure to smooth out the hair so it lies flat as you gather it. Once you have your hair gathered tightly, tie it securely with one of the hair ties. Be sure to keep it tight so it won't slip. Once it's secure repeat this process with the right side. 
Be sure as you're gathering, that the position of the right side is even with the left. You don't want lopsided odangos. (The pony tails in the picture are a little lower than I usually do but it will work for the demonstration.)  

Carefully brush out any tangles that you have have gotten while putting up the pony tails. Now we will continue with the left side once again. Taking a hold of the pony tail begin twisting it towards your face. Once most of it has been twisted it will start to feel like it wants to roll up.

Going in the same direction tie the twisted pony tail in a knot. The pony tail should be out the back side of the bun that is created. Do not let go the of hair, and adjust the bun as needed so that it is mostly smooth.

Then take another hair tie and secure it at the back of the bun. This will make another pony tail from the back of the bun. Pull the pony tail tight and the bun will stay in place. 

Carefully brush out the pony tail again to fluff and get rid of any tangles. It may take a couple of tries to get it looking right. Just take your time and experiment a little.


 Once you're happy with the left side move onto the right. The process it about the same. 

 Once again brush out the pony tail before starting, then begin twisting it towards you face just as before. Once it starts to feel like it's going to curl up follow the same process and tie it in a knot. 


Now don't freak out, this time most likely the pony tail will be coming out of the top. Simply continue rotating the entire bun and
pony tail back until it is facing the correct direction.

Once again shape the bun as needed and secure it in place with your last hair tie.

Make any minor adjustments to evenness by wiggling them just a bit. This hair style if done correctly will  hold up all. I've even gone swimming with it, though it's a pain to take back out after it's been soaked.

Speaking of removal, I don't recommend sleeping with Odangos like Usagi does. One it's not very comfortable. Secondly it will take you forever to untangle the buns enough to properly remove them. So sleep in odangos at your own risk. To remove this style simply take out the securing hair ties. Un-knot the buns and take down your pony tails. Until you get use to it your head will probably ache just a bit from the hair tension.

Extra tips: If you want a fuller odango use a fabric scrunchie on the first set of pony tails and the tie the knot around that, hiding it completely. I would still recommend using the small hair tie first though before putting on the scrunchie.

Granted I don't have many photos of my odangos any more, but here I'm rocking them. Ignore the mischief making....

Until next time Moon Fans. ^_^
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