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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Under the COVERs

One of the awesome things about Youtube (other than flash mob versions of dances and such) is the great covers of already amazing songs that are out there. Yes, there is good and bad... but there are some really great ones out there... I recently came across Chad Future.

He has done some English remix versions of some of my favorite k-pop songs. Not only are his covers good, but the videos for them are as well. It isn't just some person with a webcam, plinking on a piano and voice cracking out a tune. These are worth checking out. I am going to provide the originals to songs followed by the cover for it by Chad Future. But before I do that, here is what I have discovered about him.

Chad Future, whose real name is David Lehre from Detroit, trained in rapping and music production for 10 years. He has already had success as an award winning Director, even directed music videos for some of the biggest stars of Asia, plus has done work with Jason Derulo and other various groups/organizations. Chad Future seems to be quite creative, blending Korean and English for his own music... the first AK-Pop (American K-pop) artist... bring the style of k-pop, both of music and video, in his own way to the US.

I hope that you enjoy his work. Check out the videos below.

One Shot by B.A.P

One Shot Remix/Cover by Chad Future

Bounce by JJ Project

Bounce Remix/Cover by Chad Future

Crayon by G-Dragon (of Big Bang)

 Crayon Remix/Cover by Chad Future

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