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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Let the Music Play

Dance your cares away, worries for another day... If only we could live as Fraggles. A life of games, songs and fun, with an average work week of one half hour, and your biggest concern being "when's lunch?"

I spent many a day, as a child, immersed in the world of the Fraggles. Part of what has kept this world in my heart is the music in it. For years when it was off the air all I had was a cassette tape and a sing-a-long book to remind me of the show I loved.  This month Fraggle Rock will be celebrating their 30th anniversary and to kick it off I'm going to share with you my top 10 favorite Fraggle songs.

When Fraggle Rock was created they knew music would play a large role in the world, but they didn't want it to be children's music. They wanted Fraggle music. Because of this the music can really be enjoyed by anyone. Yes they are short songs to fit a time from of a TV show, but it's fitting when the Fraggle's themselves have a somewhat short attention span. The fact that these song's weren't written for kids though also allowed them to be deeper and touch more on pure emotions rather than just silly non-sense or education.

10: "People Don't Know"

Red has always been concerned with how others see her but even she falters. I'm sure we've all had days of misunderstanding and not wanting to explain yourself.

9: "Petals of a Rose"

Gobo will always be my favorite Fraggle to hear sing. This song is depressing but so moving. It's from the final episode of the series where he has made friends with Doc and Sprocket only to learn that they will be moving away. I still tear up when listing to this one. We have all had to say goodbye to someone and it just strikes that chord in me.

8: "Duet for One"

Wembley was supposed to sing with Gobo in the annual duet-a-thon. Due to Uncle Matt returning home he finds himself partner-less, thanks to his giving nature. Yet he still really wants to participate so he needs someone to sing with. It's a cute little song of his problems of being alone while everyone else seems to have a pal to sing with.

7: "Bad News"

I love Boober. He over reacts to everything in a negative way. He's always dragging Wembley into his panics and Gobo usually has to fish them back out with good old rationality.

6: "Workin"

Even Fraggle work... though it is only a tiny bit each week. I just really like the up beat feel of this song.  "There's ping pong games that must by played and songs that must be sung."

5: "Just a Dream Away"

Mudwell is a mudbunny, and a one time character in the show. Richard Hunt did an amazing job preforming this song about the life cycle. The entire episode is very moving, touching on death and rebirth as well as remembering those who are no longer with us. As short as it is I can listen to this song over and over again.

4: "Catch a Tail by the Tiger"

Other than the theme song this is my oldest memory of Fraggle Rock. It was the first song on the tape I had, and to this day I  can still sing this song by heart. Granted back then I didn't understand the lyrics at all. I just like singing along. Under the happy music though are some kinda dark images...

3: "We are the Children of Tomorrow"

This is from the same episode as "Duet for One" and is a great anthem for this series. The whole premise of Fraggle Rock was to aim for understanding and tolerance. Apparently not enough people have taken this to heart since our world is still a mess. I love this song and as cheesy as it may seem, it's still heart warming and inspiring.

2: "Let Me be Your Song"

Episodes with Cantus were always special. It meant Jim Henson was on the set and there would be an even bigger role for the music. I love Cantus, he's kind of the Yoda of Fraggle kind. This is my favorite of his songs.

1: "Follow Me"

Hands down this is and always will be my favorite Fraggle song. It's up beat without being silly. It's just a little inspiration to try and live each day to the fullest. I need to follow it's teaching a little more often.

When I'm feeling down I know I can turn to the world of the Fraggles for a little cheer. It makes  me so happy to know they've survived all these years for new generations to enjoy. I hope the music keeps playing and more people get to enjoy the world that has already spread so much happiness. I'll leave you all with this to hopefully smile on.

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