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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'm better than you.

Disclaimer: The views poorly expressed in this post don't necessarily reflect those of the other authors here on Blogzilla Vs. Mechablogzilla 

Let's rap everyone. I'll turn my chair around and sit like A.C. Slater so you'll feel more comfortable with me and be more open.
"One day, I'll host an entertainment news show...and beat nerds"

Now follow me on another poorly written, unplanned thought process, visualized through text. This one is slightly more of a "serious" topic than usual, which means it'll be bad and not at all entertaining.

Society has a narcissism problem.
We don't care about anyone else while pretending to care about everyone else. We all think we have something important to say and we all think we're all the same. Plus there's a lot of "Why should that person have money and not me?! They're not better than me!"

I blame several things, which by themselves may not necessarily be the problem, but together, they create a Megazord of a societal impact. Okay...I can't actually prove that, but I bet I'm at least 70% correct.
This is the societal impact. Not the Megazord. The societal impact.

First of all, and what I'm guessing is an issue that's already been discussed and driven into the ground by now, we are all constantly connected to one another. Not by just social media exclusively, but every tiny thing we do can be shared. Sounds great right? Families that are scattered can keep in touch more easily than ever and Uncle Blue Dot won't miss a thing. It's fantastic. Except we can also share everything with every internet owning human being on earth. Our potential audience for every stupid thought or action we have(it's all stupid...I mean, check out my Twitter: @Tvs_Phil). But now with so many ways for us to put ourselves out there, and not just to keep in touch, everyone has a an increased chance to have their 15 minutes.
So, while we all kind of use the excuse "It's an easy way to stay connected with family and friends, yo!"(That's how you guys sound), the secret reason we all like social media and the internet is "the potential."
We all have opinions, talents and access to tools that make creating a product sooo easy, but also access to a worldwide audience.
 The saddest part about that fact is we're probably just the worst society of people to have this stuff. It's wasted on us for the most part it seems. Can you imagine all of the great thinkers, writers and entertainers now long gone with access to what we have now? No painstaking writing by hand. Instant access to a massive audience. Their actual words and inflections captured on the digital technology we all carry around in our pockets and complain about not being good enough.
"Follow me thusly @GChaucer17 & check out my YouTube page, you arses"

 Of course the catch here is that it'd be great if they were the people they were but with simply the access to the technology we have...BUT...we don't know that if they'd grown up with the technology, whether they'd actually turn out to be the people they were. Which kind of leads to my next point.

 Our society has become really sensitive and politically correct.
Now I'm guessing some people might disagree with that but for the most part, most people's opinions seem to agree with that. We're all just too terrible of people to fix anything.
Would you agree that there are some people out there who are better than others at certain things? WAIT! Stop right there! Everyone is equal and can do anything that anyone else can do. Also, we don't want to exclude anyone so there are no longer any "winners" or "losers". You get a trophy for participating. Every kid is special. Competition is nasty and hurts people's feelings.
Okay, well you see my point. I hope.
I hear a lot of stories about stuff like this coming out of elementary schools. Sure, you could doubt me. Call it hearsay or anecdotal if you wish. Doesn't make it any less true.
Look, I "get" it. We're trying to "think of the children". Only, we've taken it way too far. We're trying to protect our kids but not letting them grow and learn. This is creating narcissistic, entitled adult though.
We've changed our schools to be sensitive and PC, but then the kids are getting out into the real world where it quite simply isn't like that. Out here you have to work to get ahead and if you don't work hard in school, you'll most likely have to start at the bottom in the workplace. And out here people are looking out for themselves and their loved ones.
  So we get rid of any experience in having to compete or try and be better than anyone because "everyone's the same" and produce somewhat broken adults who expect help. But the strange irony here is that while we're trying to create a society of equals where no one person thinks they're better than another, that same process leaves out the fact that in the real world, in actual society, someone has to be at the top, leaving others at the bottom.
I won't get political but I'm sure one could argue there are those in places of leadership out in the real world that have the same intentions as what's going on in our schools, but I'll leave that alone.
Now, you may be saying "But it's not the school's job to raise the kids, it's the parent's" and I agree with that. Only this doesn't seem to be happening. But broken homes and terrible parenting is a topic for a different discussion.
But the hypersensitivity & political correctness doesn't just exist in the schools. Adults are afraid to judge anyone out of fear of offending, but at the same time, we all have opinions about everything and we think we're right.....like this blog entry.
The kids grow up. Leave school and come to the sudden realization that they have to stand out if they want to move up.
It's basically just a huge, life changing, mixed message.

Ok...so now that I've stumbled my way through those two basic points like the idiot I am, let's M*A*S*H them together like Frank and Hot Lips......(good Lord...that was just a terrible attempt at both humor & an analogy. I apologize. Terrible. Just terrible.)

Here's where we're at. We're all entitled, hypersensitive & politically correct. We're going about our lives believing everyone's right or great in their own way, with access to technology that connects everyone, shares everything and creates a stage for our "specialness".

Of course we're gonna be narcissistic. This shouldn't be a surprise, even with my muddy explanation.
They're probably all tweeting about that cool tree they saw.

We all think we're talented, funny, smart, etc, and we're gonna shove it in everyone's face. If they don't like it, it's their problem, not ours. We just haven't found our audience yet. 

Listen. The technology isn't a problem by itself. Teaching our kids to be sensitive of others isn't a bad thing if done properly. But raising a generation clumsily with our technology breeds narcissism.

Sure, I'm generalizing. I expect the problem to grow with future generations. Of course not everyone out there is like this. I'm sure you think you're not at all a spoiled, entitled, narcissist. But isn't that exactly what a spoiled, entitled, narcissist would think....
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