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Thursday, January 03, 2013

PRAS UPDATES: Christmas 20's Ready to Wear Catch Up!

Winning look by Uli
I've fallen a bit behind these past few weeks, so allow me to catch us up to speed with this triple shot update.

First up was my favorite of all challenges, the unconventional challenge. The designers hate this one but we as fans love it. This go around they were taken to a Christmas store and had to make a design with items bought from within. The All Stars twist was that it the looks weren't suppose to look like they came from a holiday store.

There was lots of tinsel and glitter mixed with fun and frustration. Uli and her magical trim touch took the top spot that week, though her and Anthony Ryan's looks were very similar in presentation. We also said farewell to Casanova. He just couldn't get his ideas wrapped up in non fabric materials. He went through two or three looks and ended up with a dress from leftovers that the other designers had. Sad to see him go but that was the hand he was dealt.

Unconventional looks I liked:
Uli's golden and silver butterfly dress.

Winning Look by Anthony Ryan
Next up, inspiration from the 1920's. The designers were paired off for a design face off this week. They had to take an iconic look from the 20's and modernize it. Each pair also had a theme to work with that told were their lady would be wearing her look.

I feel that once again Uli should have won this challenge, but the judges liked Anthony Ryan's design just a bit more. I liked the feathered shrug he made but the dress was too boxy for my taste. I was how ever very pleases to see St. Louis Barbie go home. Sorry Laura Kathleen but I've had enough of your boring jumpers.

I wasn't really that impressed with any of the looks on this challenge. Uli's was my favorite but I didn't feel like anything had a major wow factor so sorry but no looks I liked this for this one.

winning look by Anthony Ryan
Finally Last week was a Ready to Wear challenge for the Save the Garment Foundation. This challenge was about cost and manufacturing as much as design. The looks had to be designed to fit into the budget to be sold for $300-$500. I would never pay that much for a dress ever. I'm too cheep, or rather I can think of a lot of other things than cloths to spend that money on.

Once again Anthony Ryan wowed the judges. His manipulation of the print he chose won them over, so his design was chosen to be mass produced and the proceeds from their sales will go to the Save the Garment Foundation. It was a close call on who'd go home. Ivy's dress was boring, the only thing it had going was it's print. Joshua how ever had some major construction issues that should never have happened at this level. Had his look been polished it would have been very eye catching though so his tail was saved and Ivy was sent home.

Nothing really grabbed me this week either for looks I liked, but you can still check out all of the designs on Rate the Runway.

Thus I remind you all of my original predictions. I said that I expected Emilio, Uli and Joshua to make it to the end with Anthony Ryan as my wild card. He has indeed been the wild card with the most wins this season followed by Uli. Episode 10 is actually airing right now, but since I don't have cable I'll have to wait till they post the episode to see who makes it to the finals. I feel that Uli and Anthony Ryan will be there for sure, so it'll be a toss up between the other two. Or who knows maybe they'll pull the classic "oh we're gonna send all four of you" move that they like to play every now and again. Though I'd like to think that with All Stars they won't play that game. We'll see what happens...
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