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Sunday, January 06, 2013

PRAS UPDATE: Fashion Vets

Winning look by Joshua
This week on All Stars our designers where tasked with designing a look for a female veteran from one of the four branches of our U.S. military. Each lady was from a different branch and had their own special event to dress for.

The pairings were as follows:

Joshua = Army for a formal military event
Emilio = Navy for a bachelorlette party in Las Vegas
Uli = Marines for a wedding
Anthony Ryan = Air Force for her 40th birthday party

All the designers were inspired by their veteran models, but Joshua was the one to shine this week. As soon as his lady said she loved leopard print you knew it was a match made in heaven. The look he made for her was youthful and versatile. His client was very happy and confident in her dress and proud to show off her battle scars. Even her service dog got a little vest to compliment her. 

I will also point out for the record that I was once again correct. All four designers moved on this week. I'm glad to see them all stay, I don't know who I would want to see go home at this point. Yet I'm a bit disappointed. The point of All Stars is that the whole process is supposed to be harder. In sticking with those standards some one should have gone home. All of them are capable designers so I can understand the hard choice.

Let's take a moment to check the score card thus far.

Anthony Ryan is in the lead with four wins under his belt. Emilio and Uli are tied with two wins each and this last episode gave Joshua his first and only win. On the flip side Uli has never once been in the bottom three this go around and Anthony Ryan was in the bottom for the first time this week. That puts the two of them in the top contenders spots. Emilio has been in the bottom three times and Joshua has been there on four occasions. 

Joshua's down falls have usually been taste issues, though he did have some serious construction problems two weeks ago. If he can keep his taste level on par with the judges he'll have a better shot. Emilio's issues have always been with construction or that his look was just too dull. He's been complaining a lot about time constraints. Not so much on the run way as an excuse but in  the work room. I don't feel that I've seen the same passion from him in All Stars that he showed during his season of Runway.

Over all I do feel that Anthony Ryan or Uli will take the grand prize in the end. I'd like to see either one of them win, but I still kinda want to root for Anthony Ryan just  tad bit more since I've kinda seen him as the under dog from the start.

Looks I Liked:
I loved Joshua's dress. I knew he'd win as soon as I saw it.
Uli's black and white "Uli" dress. 

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