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Friday, January 11, 2013

PRAS Update: Down to the Wire

This week our designers got to take a quick trip to France for inspiration and fabric shopping. They toured the House of Valentino and were invited as VIP guests to the latest couture show. They headed back to states with their imported fabrics and went straight from the air port to work room. They had a little more than 10 hours to put together their own couture creations. Couture looks are generally hand created pieces and can take weeks if not months to finish, so our designers had their work cut out for them.

Winning look by Anthony Ryan
The dark beauty of Anthony Ryan's lace gown won the judges over this week and sealed his spot in the final three. Emilio also secured his spot with his red brocade gown. The tough choice came down to Uli and Joshua.

Both had aspects of their looks that the judges loved, but they also had issues. The solution, give them an hour to deconstruct their looks into something completely different. The judges left and right there on the run way the designers hurried to work. With their left over fabrics and a very little amount of time Uli and Joshua worked their magic.

This plan however back fired on the judges. What was meant to make their choice easier, actually in fact made it harder. They loved both of the new looks as well. They were youthful and intriguing, while still being completely new looks that were cohesive with the original sources. In the end Uli was chosen to move on and Joshua was sent to pack his things.

The final show down will be between Anthony Ryan, Emilio and Uli. They will have four days to put together a mini collection for the runway. I'm excited to see what happens.

Looks I liked:
Uli's gold and black gown

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