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Thursday, January 31, 2013

January?! Time Flies When You're...

Busy?! Heck it just seems to fly regardless anymore. It has been a while since I have posted an update with the latest happenings and upcoming events, so I think I owe a long overdue post. Haha. So here goes...

Big Bang wraps up the Big Bang Alive Tour sponsored by Samsung. The group is continuously thanking fans throughout and after the tour, both by their tweets, facebook updates, and their youtube channel. Seungri must love his phone. He has taken a lot of great videos to share with his fans. My personal opinion is that he should have just documented the whole tour for us. LOL. Here is a sample of his crazy, fun footage:

I missed posting about it at the time, but CNBLUE released a new album. Unfortunately I have only heard two songs so far, I'm Sorry and Coffee Shop, but I really like them

NU'EST is scheduled for their comeback February 13th and have began releasing teaser photos. All I ask it that they PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't try to make Ren look super feminine. He is gorgeous, but I don't like when he has his hair down and cut in a feminine way. I like it pulled back or up. I really want to see a full length album from them soon.


Speaking of full length albums, there is another I am waiting for one to be released from...
What is going on with B.A.P? Member, Bang Yong Guk tweets a link to an audio clip via Tumblr. Is this part of the new project? Only time will tell. Its sounds a little creepy, but I like it. And yes fans, he really does have a Tumblr. Haha. Check it out here:

The beautiful and talented BoA released her MV for Disturbance, a choose your ending MV. I won't ruin it for you. I will just provide the link so that you can see for yourself. ^^ Although, I can't help but say that I love that Shinee's Taemin was chosen to do the MV with her. OMO

Super Junior-M released Korean version of Breakdown now available on iTunes. Anyone who knows me knows I am all over that, LOL


Who needs iTunes to prove your popularity when you can sell completely out of your physical albums? Jaejoong's solo album has sold all of its initial copys (120,000 units) as fans show interest in his solo project. 20,000 more united are to be produced. Congrats to Jaejoong! After everything JYJ has been through, I am happy to see they are feeling the benefits of having a loyal fan base to support them in their careers. I still find myself watching the MV to Mine. It rocks!


Other slated combacks: Tasty's comeback has been postponed by their label. The twins tweeted to fans to let them know not to worry. In March, U-KISS will have a comeback. No details for it yet. Se7en will release another single (Japanese) before enlistment in the military (Nooo DON'T GO!!! sorry, I had to).

In other news, The Grammys are coming up quickly. The Aziatix received an invite to a party before the awards. Psy looks to make his commercial during the Super Bowl the best of them by asking fans for their vote on Sunday.

More than one blog in a week, I'm on a roll. :P

Hope you enjoyed! Annyeong!

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