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Monday, January 14, 2013

After A Month-Long (K-pop) Hiatus...

With the holidays and all the happenings at the end of the year, I haven't been able to keep up with my blog. Good news is, I'm back and ready to catch up on all the various things that have happened in the K-pop world. Believe me, there is a lot for me to fill you in on, if you haven't discovered it yourself already.

To start this off, YG Entertainment has released that G-Dragon, of Big Bang, will be having a solo world tour this year. OMG! If it is anything like the Big Bang Alive Tour, I would die to go!!! I watched one of the full concert videos and wanted to make it to one of their US stops sooooo freakin' bad, its ridiculous! Haha. Now GD is going on tour. There are only select places listed for the tour with future cities for the tour to be announced.

B.A.P is preparing for another comeback. I'm not complaining one bit. After a rivalry between the fans of B.A.P and EXO for the award for Rookie of the Year, um... well... EXO fans, B.A.P has come out with how many mini albums in one year alone?? And EXO? One right? Well two if you count both the Korean and Mandarin versions, but that is cheating. LOL. I don't want to get on anyone's bad side, but I love B.A.P. They have shown their diversity in their music... the only thing I have to say is.... I WANT A FULL ALBUM!!!! Please B.A.P, hear your fans' plea! If not a full album soon, at least a special collector edition of the mini albums combined as a full album with, maybe, a special track or something.

I know that isn't much catching up, but I will post again soon. Thanks to those who have stuck with me through my hiatus. :P

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