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Sunday, December 02, 2012

PRAS Update: A Little Gender Confusion

Winning looks of challenge 5 by Emilio

This week was all about androgyny. The designers had to create a look for their models that could be worn by a man or a woman. Their twist surprise was that they would actually be making two looks. One for their usual female model and one for a male model as well. 

 The results were all over the map, but the top scoring designs stood out without a doubt. Emilio took the top spot this week and it was well deserved. When his models walked the runway you really couldn't tell at first which gender they were. Though it did give me weird flashes of the Men on Film sketches from In Living Color. 

Anthony Ryan and Uli both had strong looks this week, but just couldn't top Emilio's style. I feel like my early predictions are playing true so far as the season progresses. Josh is the only one of my top choices who hasn't won a challenge yet, but for the most part he's been consistently safe in the middle. Maybe he's holding out for the numbers to dwindle down.

As always we had to say goodbye to another designer as well. Kayne left us this week. His amazing tailoring couldn't save his lack of editing and seemingly poor color choices. I like Kayne and I'm sad to see him go. Though maybe with him gone I'll stop questioning my own tastes every time I kinda like what he makes....

Looks I Liked:
Emilio's matching red suites
Althea's jackets (but nothing else in her looks)
Uli's female model's look

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