Podzilla 1985

Friday, December 21, 2012

Hey Jackass! Where's the updates?

You might have noticed things have been pretty damn quiet around BZ85 lately. With Christmas coming up we've decided to focus on our friends and families and let the other sites entertain you with their wit and talent.

Christmas is the least lonely time of the year...
But then we realized that most of us don't have any family and friends, so we looked at each other and said "Let's write some shit!"

And so, we shall. Who needs Christmas, anyway? Presents and loved ones and Jesus may work for some people, but not us. We'd much rather talk about television, video games, and hot women than waste a fraction of a second on this season. Right guys?

......oh right, they do have families and friends. Oh well, you still have me. And really, isn't that the greatest gift of them all?
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