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Friday, November 09, 2012

Writer's Bloc

 Why did I spell "block" that way in the title? Well it wasn't for any clever reason I can tell you that much. It just sounded better than "Writer's Block"

I've been meaning to write an entry that didn't involve TV so I could make the point that just because I'm going by "Tv's Phil", that I don't only focus on TV.(Yes, I'm aware I've only posted twice thus far. Just let me use that sentence anyway!) But I've been drawing blanks. Given, between working full time, sleep, and trying to put together a couple other personal projects, I don't really plan topics out, but these things use to come much easier to me. It probably doesn't help that I'm specifically choosing to avoid politics or spirituality.

But let me get to the subject at hand, writer's block.

Over the past 4 years or so, I've regularly attempted starting personal projects that involve some form of writing. Whether it be a regular blog, a self-published comic, short stories, a movie script, or a YouTube series. I've started all of these things at some point or another and haven't followed through. The desire is still there, but there always seemed to be some sort of mental road block.

I've got quite a few small notebooks full of ideas, sentence fragments, story beginnings, concepts and plans just sitting around. If I don't like how cluttered the notebook has become, I'll get a new one and do the same thing.
But not one finished project. I think I may have finished one short story a long time ago.
I jump around and change ideas before really getting started. I'll have a concept and after I start, I'll suddenly think "You know, this short story would probably work better as a _________."

The thing is, I enjoy coming up with ideas and concepts. I even enjoy collaborating on things. I can NOT come up with endings. And when it's just me, alone with pen and paper, I have zero confidence in what's in my head or in my ability to write. I don't feel my grammar is good enough or that I have no "voice" as they say.  I'll write a few lines of something and just stop. If I come back another time and look at what I've written, I just get in my head and think "Eh, this can't go anywhere." or "I can't get enough story out of this." It really is quite frustrating. Especially when you're self-aware.
I admit to not reading a whole lot. I mean, I read comics, but as far as text only, that's a rarity. But I do enjoy writing. It's a weird combination that probably cancels each other out.

They say a good thing to do when starting out a writing project is to just start writing and don't stop regardless of quality. You can always fix it later. Of course I've tried this. But if I don't have a destination or an ending, I'm just going to lock up and make no progress. And that's what
I have. Lots of beginnings and no where to go.

Another admittance is that I never really set time out to just write. Or if I tell myself I'm going to write, I'll let myself get distracted by something.

Back during the Myspace days and early days of Facebook, I had NO problem writing things, but they were always blog posts or "notes" as they're called on Facebook. Basically, the format of just me talking about life or issues. I never seem to have a problem with that. Ask me to write a fictional story based on an idea or concept I came up with myself, and I get nowhere.

Anyway, I know this isn't an interesting post in the least bit. Heck, I wouldn't have read this far, but think of it as a kind of therapy session for me. Let me get this out and who knows, maybe finishing this or being open about the topic will help kick my brain into gear.

Got any writing tips of your own? Let me know. I'm always open for that, though I'm pretty sure the real answer to my problem is "Just write you idiot! Stop thinking about it so much!"

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